Sunday, March 23, 2008

Old Photos Of Sibu Between 1977-1990

Sibu Waterfront in 1987.

The Tuanku Bujang Sports Field had been replaced by the 27-story Wisma Sanyan.
This was the Lembangan River at Khoo Peng Loong Road. Now it is covered and on top of it is the Central Market and a public park.

Another view of Lembangan River taken in 1977. The old Sibu Municipal Council's building.

The premises of Sibu Supermarket at Kampong Nyabor Road. It was the largest supermarket in Sibu in the 80s. It was short-lived and has long been closed down.

This large squatter area in Upper Lanang Road opposite the Lanang Army Camp has been developed into a high class residential area called Pulau Li Hua.

Located at Island Road, the Masland Methodist Church had been rebuilt while the Methodist Book Room had been renovated.

Many of these wooden houses at Tiong Hua Road and Foochow Lane had been demolished to give way to modern shophouses.

The traffic garden at the junction of Mission Road and Kampong Nyabor Road had been replaced by traffic lights and the Sibu Gateway.

The building at right was the office of Sibu Rural District Council. Together with the Lau King Howe Hospital beside it, the area is now part of a huge park called Sibu Town Square.

The RPA Wharf before its extension in the late 70s.

Aerial views of Sibu Town taken in early 80s

Jalan Maju and its commercial shophouses when it was first completed in the early 80s

View of the waterfront at Jalan Maju in early 80s. It had since been converted into a beautiful park called Rajang Esplanade.

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