Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March Highlights

VIPs reading The Star's Sarawak Edition after its launching on March 7 at The Spring in Kuching.

A kiss to remember on International Women's Day.

He said: no inspiration yet on the date of the state election.

It's fun and an forgetable experience being invited to lunch with Iban farmers in their padi field.

Sarawak Timber Association (STA) making its annual donation to independent private Chinese schools in the state.

At least someone who cares...financial and medical aids to the Penan of Ulu Baram from corporate and medical bodies.

3 sisters from a poor family studying under a candle light...just 10 km from Kuching City.

Two days before he was appointed assistant minister in the Chief Minister's office, Tang Joo Phoi visited this 12-year-old girl who lives with her mother and 2 younger sisters in a small wooden hut near Kuching.

Unfinished business...Sarawak Head of State Tun Salahuddin stopped to listen to Dr. Mahadir, the eldest son of the late Sulaiman Daud, while wearing socks.

Alfred Jabu meeting his former boss, Tun Rahman. On his right is Michael Menyin.

Tun Rahman Yakub (middle) and his young wife (right) sharing a joke with their friend Datuk Simon Maja (left) .Overheard their conversations..... Simon: Tun, you are still very healthy and strong. Tun: Ask my wife if I am still strong.

So many rumours about this man...one thing for sure is he is not moving around with a dozen body guards.

Sarawak Head of State watching the Rajang River Regatta with family memebrs and state ministers

Iban maids in colouful costumes dancing for ministers at a longhouse in Tamin, 57 km from Sibu.

Have been covering CM's functions from Sibu to Mukah to Kuching.

Thronged by reporters whenever and wherever he goes.

The new president of the Photographic Society of Sibu, Steve Ling.

Bick Yee, one of our favourite models posing for a recent photography competition.

Someone I know since she was 4 years old....now already a gorgeous lady.

These are our usual drinking buddies

Vietnamese friend, Larry (right) with members of a Filippino band at Hijau Fun Pub, RH Hotel.


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