Saturday, January 16, 2010

The week in pictures

Datin Fatimah Abdullah is without doubt, currently the most powerful woman in Sarawak's politics. She holds 3 Assistant Minister's post as Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister Office, Assistant Minister of Modernisation of Agriculture and Assistant Minister of Women Development. I went along with her to visit 2 banana farms in Durin area recently.She is extremely friendly and approachable.

What are the men laughing at? Hey, you can't even hold a banana correctly!

SMC staff led by its Chairman and some councillors had an hour of group exercise at the Town Square one early morning.They should do it more often instead of just twice a year!

All except one were reappointed to Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) on January 11, 2010. Deputy Chairman Daniel Ngieng (above) took the oath and at below picture, Datuk Sri Wong Soon Koh congratulating Datuk Tiong Thai King (middle) on his reappointment. At right is council secretary, Hii Chang Kee.

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Anonymous said...

how can datin fatimah has a chinese name? any news about her background?