Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Reunited after 40 years

Graduation group photo taken at the end of 1969. Our class actually had 53 students, but only 45 sat for the primary six examination because 8 of them could not make it due to family problems.

27 classmates of class of 69 of Dung Sang Primary School turned up last Saturday evening (26/12) for our 2nd reunion in 40 years. The last reunion was 10 years ago, also in December, 1999. This time we had several classmates whom we had not met since leaving primary school 40 years ago.Together with us were 3 former teachers and Chairman of the school board of directors.

Hii Yii Ann was in awe to see teacher Mr. Wong Teck Sing still looking young! Yii Ann is a successful businessman with operations in Malaysia and PNG.

Teacher Madam Ngu Ing Soong (seated right) is now 80 years old. She is seen here greeting her former colleague Mr. Lau Hing Tung. Also seated are teachers Mr. Wong Teck Sing and Kapitan Ting Lung Pew.

Trying to identify each other....most of us have never met Madam Wong Swee Toh since leaving primary school. From right: Andrew Wong, Wong Leh Hee, Wong Swee Toh, Wong Pak Leung, and Wong Tiong Kai. Andrew is Operations Manager with San Hin Group of companies based in KK, Sabah. Pak Leung is now with Nice Construction, Sibu. Tiong Kai is CEO of Laku Management based in Miri.

Sisterly hug...Wong Yiun Sien and Wong Swee Toh.

From right: Ling Ung Moi (with United Daily Press in Miri) Wong Swee Toh ( in Marudi ) Wong Yiun Sien (With Samling Group in Miri) Tie Cheng Huong (Sibu) and Wong Leh Hee (Miri).

From right: Lee Leh Kiong, Hii Leng Kiong and Wong Hua Ing...all in Sibu.

From left: Cheng Toh Kwong ( school headmaster in Durin) sharing a joke with Ling Ung Moi, Wong Tuon Kai, Andrew Wong and Wong Sing Chuon (school headmaster in Sibu).

Toh Kwong (left) trying to remember the names of these 3 female classmates.

From right: Ting Nguk Ting (Sibu), Tie Cheng Huong and Lau Hieng Mee (Brunei).
Had a fun but difficult time trying to identify each other in the old photo.

Wong Pak Leung updating contact information of all classmates. At right is Hii King Fong (sibu).

Seated from right are Wong Tai Ton, Ling Kuok Seng , Ngu Wu Loong and Wong Sie Ping. Standing are Thomas Ting , Andrew Wong and Cheng Toh Kwong.

Lau Sie Hee rushed back to attend the reunion from Australia. She is a successful QS based in Kuching.

Wong Sing Chuon addressing the classmates and teachers before dinner started.

Lots of cheers, lots of laughter and very good interation..............

More than enough good food and free flow of beer and drinks.

Each table had an expensive empurau fish.

These 3 guys were not only classmates but also neighbours. They are from right, Steven Tiong, Wong Tiong Kai and Wong Ngie Chiok. Steven has his own business in Sibu and Ngie Chiok is with the oil and gas industry in Miri.

And amidst the laughters and joy, we didn't forget to contribute to our alma mater.Rm50,000 was raised from all classmates for the school extension. A new class room will be named after Class of 1969. Steven Tiong, organizing chairman of the reunion dinner was seen here presenting the cheque to Penghulu Wong Kah Sing who is Chairman of the school Board.

The school board and former teachers were all impressed by our donation. Beside heaping praises on us, they also urged other former students to donate generously to the school building fund.

Age is catching up, very fast, on all of us. How many more 10 years do we have? Several of us who married young have already become grandfather and grandmother! And those serving in the public and private sectors will retire in a few years' time. The suggestion that we should hold reunion more regularly, perhaps bi-annually, has been well received. I take this opportunity to wish all former primary school classmates happy new year, good health and may god bless you and your family always.


Anonymous said...

Great job! I don't recognize any of the pupils, but I know the names of the teachers. Why other teachers did not show up?

Among all the teachers, Lung Piew still keeps his shape. I would not have recognized others, including the former pretty Ngu. What a nice story about how the husband proposed to her and they got married.

Your 1969 was organizing this reunion. But how about the other school years? If you know anything coming up, please advertise it here.

Why don't we establish an alumni association for Dung Sang?

Poor Dung Sang has shrunk so much, left with only two pieces of butt. I felt sorry for the lands and buildings that disappeared.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Excellent post on Dong Sang School...it is one of the earliest schools in Sibu and yet it has become one of the smallest schools superceded by others because of funding...The land was donated by a good Chinese man...

Bengbeng said...

40 yrs is a long time, a very long time. Phew!

Philip, I would like to register for the photoshoot. How to go about it? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Did you notice that this group did not invite 鄭尊賢,劉子琳 and 王月花? I know why. Because these three teachers punished them the most.

Philip said...

Anonymous 1:We had tried our best to invite all our past teachers as well as classmates to attend the reunion.Some of them were overseas or could not make it due to persoanl/health reasons.I guess you were also a former student of Dung Sang....if you were, why don't you take the lead to form the alumni? And if you haven't donated to the school building fund, please do so.

Sarawakiana:It's sad....hope that the school will return to its more glorious days in future.

Bengbeng: It's a very long time. However when we reunited the other night, it was just like yesterday that we studied and played together.Have already smsed you on the photo shoot.

Anonymous 2:Teachers Tang and his wife Lau have been residing in Singapore for many years.Some of us did meet them up when they return to Sibu.We have lost contact of teacher Wong. Do you know she is she? Actually Lung Pew punished us the most. I remember being hit 24 times on both palms by a 1-inch thick home-made belian ruler. Another poor guy received 6 dozens...that is 72 times!.Those were the days when physical punishment was the trend or even a necessity.Well,I do not, and I believe none of us do, harbour any animosity towards any of the teacher.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year. !stly congrates and 2ndly will be monitoring on your promise to write without fear or favour.
p/s Will you be in Sibu on 22nd january???. may be in town to give give support to sarawak lawyers for opening of legal year. Kpenyu

William said...

I know Wong Tiong Kai!

Happy new year to you!

Anonymous said...

The classrooms donated by Tiong Chong Thai in 1968 should not be demolished. It is part of the historical buildings for Dung Sang. I felt like the Board of Directors is simply doing thing without a real plan for the school. That is why I think if this is reasonable to ask for donation all the time. People are willing to donate, but there must be a convincing plan.