Monday, November 2, 2009

Temple Opening and....TKS

The largest temple complex in Malaysia, (some say the largest in South East Asia and some even claim it is the largest in Asia) the Yu Lung San Tien En Si Temple had it's grand soft opening on November 1.The official opening will probably be in 2010 and some internationally famous personalities would be invited as guests of honour. Kung Fu Star Jet Li's name has been mentioned as one of the possible guests.

Located at KM26 Sibu-Bintulu Road, the 60 millon temple complex is believed to be the only one in the world where 3 religious faiths; Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism are combined together.

The construction of the temple began in 2004 with funds donated from various individuals and organizations locally and overseas.

Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Robert Lau was one of the guests at the soft opening. He was so elated to walk on this special red carpet.Any one (except those who were present at the ceremony) can guess what was he walking on?

A pat on the shoulder by the Deputy Minister on the founder of the temple, Hii Siew Onn (left) and Tang Kee Hiong (right), one of the main sponsors. Tang is the boss of San Hin Group of Companies in Malaysia and Brunei which also owns the Tang Dynasty Hotel in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Another guest of honour was Datuk Sri Wong Soon Koh, Sarawak's 2nd Finance Minister (Middle). Datuk Sri Wong said in his speech that the Sarawak Government is recognizing the temple complex as the main tourist icon in Sibu.It is understood that several thousand local and foreign tourists have already visited the temple even before its opening.

Yet another generous sponsor and guest of honour is Dato Sri Paduka Tiong King Sing. TKS needs no further introduction here if you are following the national news lately.

Paul (right) , did you come all the way from miri to give a thumbs up to TKS? I am only joking,seriously. Paul is a lawyer and very active photographer who came here to take photographs and meeting up old photographer friends like Philip Kong and Roger Tiong. I hope you will take part in the photography contest organized in conjunction with the temple's opening. I first met Paul in Marudi during the Baram Regatta last year.

More photographs of TKS. He is seen here with one of his best buddies, Hii King Chiong of Kingwood and Fonsen Group of companies which are dealing in timber, oil palm, sago, property,construction, shipping and hotel businesses in Malaysia and overseas. Hii is also a major sponsor of the temple.

Below are some photos taken during and after the grand soft opening which attracted more than 1,000 people.

This guy on the floor is not performing some kind of rituals. He is my photography buddy...Kahlid. A devoted Malay Muslim who is a senior officer with an airline. Kahlid is very active in photography and very dedicated too. You can spot him taking photos in temples, in churches, in mosques, in Chinese and Iban cemeteries.You just name any place..he must have been there before. He is a true Malaysian, a brother. I would like to end this post with several more photos of the buildings at the temple complex taken on a more sunny day before the opening.


david是我 said...


Anonymous said...

Sibu needs the blessing of Gods! Sibu is full of temples and churches.

I hope to see Jesus combining with Taoism.

jingpengboy said...

I had just brought my friends there during the recent deepavali holidays as part of our sarawak escapade trip (after visiting kch including semenggoh, we went to sarikei, then sibu and kapit). you know what? They were shocked and awed by the massiveness and delicately decorated temple complex of taoism, buddhism & confucianism. We took lots of photos there, entering each and every temple until when it was starting to rain that we had to rush back to our car hundreds of meters away. We missed the last big temple. Anyway, we are all looking forward to its grand opening. During the recent trip, my friends were so surprised at the generosity of sarawakians in donating so much money to build this and that for the betterness of its people. The myriad beautiful gardens around Sibu, masland methodist church & hoover memorial, lau king howe hosp. museum, the pagoda, foochow memorial in Salim etc and the many mansions (including sibu godfather's =)) had them startled and minds boggled.
I hope the big shots of sarawak can continue to contribute to its people.
Sibu will never be the same again.

jingpengboy said...

The red carpet was the aftermath of massive firecrackers was it?

Now Sibu really needs a (or a few) good colleges and universities to become a real city. I am sure all the tycoons of Sibu can set up and maintain one (at least).

SCORE also has to include Sibu to increase the job opportunities there. If not, all the young brains of Sibu will be siphoned by kch, bintulu, miri and other cities of the world.

Toh Chee Leong's Collections said...

Very creative for the idea of the red carpet, hahaha. Got shot & all are quality photos indeed.


Toh Chee Leong's Collections said...

Very creative for the idea of the red carpet, hahaha. Got shot & all are quality photos indeed.


Philip said...

David:yes, definately it is a good place for photography. They may organize another photo contest during Chinese New Year.

Anon:Good idea...include a mosque too and a Hindu temple as well.If people of different religious faiths can accept that then there will be lasting peace.

jingpengboy:That is so special about Sibu..there are always many generous people around when coming to charity. You are correct...that is the "firecracker red carpet".The Methodist Pilley College is doing quite well...I hope it can be a full-fledged university one day.The other college is still hopeless.Most of our "leaders" are more keen in enriching their pockets...that's why Sibu is always lagging behind.

Toh: It was'nt meant to be a red carpet for him to walk on! Thanks for your compliments.

jingpengboy said...

I also hope that Sibu will have Pilley University. Pilley is doing great while UCS is almost unheard of now.

Loretta said...

You must b taking photos for decades n decades.. I love to see your 3rd last photo taken on a sunny day.. just beautiful as if in Japan...!!!