Monday, November 2, 2009

Sacred Heart Secondary School Speech Day & Star Foundation

Datuk Clement Hii arriving at the Mill Hill De La Salle Centenary Hall

The Sacred Heart Bagpipe Band, the only such school band in Sarawak was in attendance

Datuk Hii addressing the 1,500 audience

Johnny Wong Siong Sah, an old boy and successful businessman coming back all the way from New Zealand. He is also the President of Canterbury Foochow Association, New Zealand.

Daniel Wong Pak Ing, an old boy and General Manager of Sibu Water Board sharing his stories with the students

Mr. Thomas Ling from Sibu Autistic Association receiving RM20,000 from Star Foundation

Mr. John Wong from Sarawak Society For The Blind Sibu Division Branch receiving RM20,000. Mr. Wong received another Rm25,000 on behalf of Malaysian Red Crescent Society, Sibu Chapter

Datuk Hii presenting a RM20,000 cheque to Ms Ivy Lau of Sibu Kidney Foundation
Mr. Yong Kie Ho from Methodist Children's Home was also presented with a RM20,000 cheque
Michael Wong, an old boy from class of 1963, giving away an award to an outstanding student

Peter Seo, past President of Sibu Sacred Heart Secondary School Alumni Association of Kuching giving away an award

Daniel Wong presenting an award to a student

President of PTA, Mr. Nicholas Sebastian giving away an award

Councillor Robert Lau Hui Yew who is also the President of Sacred Heart Old Boys Association presenting an award to an upper six student

Dr. Bryan Lim Choon Yang, President of Sibu Sacred Heart Secondary School Alumni Association of Kuching congratulating Wong Jian Cheng who scored 7As in his PMR

Dr. Gregory Hii of the School Board of Management giving away an award

An upper six student receiving his award from Johnny Wong

Datuk Hii presenting a laptop to Wong Jian Cheng who won the Best Academic Award

The Principal of the school, Mr. Vincent Liong presenting a souvenir to Datuk Hii

Please click the link below to read the story published in The Star.


Anonymous said...

Is this Wong Siong Sah the guy who ran fast? Who lived along 4.5-mile Oya Road before.....

Philip said...

Anon: Exactly...that is Siong Sah the runner.He lived at 3.5 mile, not 4.5.The mother and a younger brother are still there.

jingpengboy said...

Vincent Liong, the former 'penolong kanan' of my school, St. Anthony School (SAS), Sarikei.

Kudos to him and his school and Datuk Hii.

Anonymous said...

I see. 3.5 mile... sorry.

I gradually started to recall. Siong Sah married a super rich lady. SS was the first person whom I saw with a pair of real running shoes, having spikes on them. He has a brother called Siong Tai.

eiling lim said...

I like those pictures where the guy is giving the speech. very clear and sharp.

Anonymous said...

Sibu has improved (changed) a lot. Years back, we didn't see people putting on the 'big cloth.' To be honest, I am curious if such 'big cloth' is needed in a very hot country. Hawaiian style of colourful cloth may be better.

philip said...

jinpengboy: Oh you were from St. Anthony.It has always been a good school.

Anon:Super rich? The wife is a relative of the famous Ling Family. SS has 3 other brothers.

eiling:I used a high ISO and a mild flash (external) to compensate for the low light in the hall.

Anon:It is a formal and grand annual event.It's common to see people in "big cloth" every where now!

suituapui said...

You were there taking photos? They did not invite you to the dinner that night kah? I didn't see you around...but then, there was a big crowd. Hard to spot people!

Philip said...

stp:I was'nt there. Had another dinner else wheere.

Loretta said...

Your photos r commendable.. clear & sharp.. I always come to view your photos and wanna I have to change my present cam..

Philip said...

Loretta:thanks so much for your encouraging comments.If you need advices in choosing a new camera,please don't hestitate to inform me.

Anonymous said...

Wow... You even got bagpipes in Borneo?! Ha ha... Did they play "Scotland the Brave"?

Loretta said...

What is the latest market most available cam with high power using adjust'g lens type? I ever used like the miami from HK type which I used in my school days sent as a gift from bro.. o/seas n later I never used lens adjust. cam .. hope to get more knowledge from u..
RM1k range .. nice to buy one?

Philip said...

Loretta:Unfortunately there is no digital SLR camera around RM1k in the market now.The cheapest entry level digital slr camera would cost around RM1,700. You can check out more detail at the following 2 Malaysian online camera stores.

I would recommend you to buy either Nikon or Canon brand. Where are you based?

Philip said...

1ondon:Yes, we have bagpipes in Borneo...with the school and the military.

Loretta said...

Who is able to teach/lead such bands in schools? Any in Miri, Bintulu or Kuching, plse enlighten?

Philip said...

Loretta:I am not sure. Perhaps have to find out from Sacred Heart School one day.