Saturday, October 24, 2009

Berawan Taboos And Beliefs

Colourful trees and plants at Loagan Bunut National Park

Sorry guys, for not updating my blog lately. I have been quite busy travelling to several remote areas in Sarawak in the past weeks. Beside I also spent a few days in Kuching to undertake the annual graduation photography for SEGI College Sarawak. One of the places I visited recently was the Loagan Bunut National Park in Baram, Miri.The story has been published today in The Star.(click the link below to read in full)
At the invitation of the management, next week I will be heading to Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort in Miri to do a write-up for this popular private resort.


jingpengboy said...

good to hear from you after a hiatus of a month. saw you and steve ling at Semenggoh last Saturday. I brought my bunch of friends (4 west malaysians and 1 bintuluan) to kuching, engkilili, pusa & beladin, jakar, sarikei, sibu & kapit. Keep up your good work with the star! you are promoting the best of sarawak in the national paper. Congratulations!

eiling lim said...

the pictures are very nice. Like taken at an overseas location!

Jessyca said...

The pics are really impressive and i bet you are using advance DLSR? im currently planning to buy 1 as a beginner and getting very confused bcoz diff ppl say diff things!

I hope i can visit East Sarawak in depth one day & thx for visiting my blog. I dont know what happen to the setting but no1 can leave comment now : (

Herman Sahari said...

beautiful nature, nice blog. visit me please

Superman said...

Nice photos there and the intro to the place. I think it will become a very good tourist spot soon when the roads condition are better.

Anonymous said...

Your article on Berawan and Baram brought back memories of the time when I was a teacher in Long Terawan teaching the Berawan children around 30 years ago. Regrettably, I did not see anything on Long Terawan and wish to know how is the place now. Thanks

Philip said...

jinpengboy:You should have greeted us when you saw us at Semenggoh!We also visited Pusa and Beladin on the way from Sibu to Kuching. We stayed in Meludam for a night.

eiling:Very unique vegetation there, especially around the lake.

Jessyca: Thanks Jess. I am using Nikon D300 which is quite a good camera.I have been using Nikon all these years and I strongly recomend you owing a Nikon.You can find out more information and compare prices on and
You should visit Sarawak...especially if you love nature and culture. I just returned from a forest resort where the owner has been successful in rearing the Empurau fish!

Herman: Thanks for dropping by. You have unique products for sale.

Superman:Look like not many people know the place. The authoriities shoud do more promotional work and regularly update their websites.I guess it will take a few more years for the roads to be in good conditions.

Anonymous: The best way to know about the present Tarawan is to travel there and meet the people there personally! I am sure you will meet some of your ex-students.And from there, you can proceed to Mulu National Park. Thanks for visiting blog.

jingpengboy said...

yeap. =(. my bad. i was kind of surprised actually to see you two. I think both of you had been to semenggoh many times. we shall meet again. will be graduating (God willing) next year and will definitely go back to serve Sarawakians. See you then. =)

Philip said...

Jingpengboy:Wishing you all the best in your studies and looking forward to meeting you some day.

Anonymous said...

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