Monday, August 17, 2009

In Memory Of The Hoovers

Part of the 2-page story on Rev James Matthew Hoover,his wife Mary Hoover, (above) the Hoover Memorial Garden and the new Masland Methodist Church Complex (below) can be accessed at Click the link at the bottom to find out more.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your good work.

While everyone praised Wong Nai Siong so highly without looking at the other side of the history, I have a mixed feeling. I wonder why he brought these workers to Sibu. Did he make a money deal with the Rajah, and using that money for assisting with the revolution in China? In modern terminology, this is known as the snake head, although it was not illegal during that time. As the descents of the Foochow settlers, we have the rights to know about the truth.

Benghui said...

Hello uncle Philip. Today we are going to send Brownie for third injection. Brownie eats a lot and very heavy now. I cannot carry Brownie now.