Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Free live chicks as gift

Event Organizer Ms Mary Ngu of Mc Events came up with a crazy idea: Free live chicks for visitors to the recently concluded Buy Malaysian Products Campaign. It was a huge success in terms of attracting visitors to her booth. The live chicks were sponsored by Boh Ming Enterprise, one of the largest suppliers of fresh eggs and chicken in East Malaysia. More than 1,500 chicks were given out to the lucky visitors during the 3-day event.
Would you keep a chick as a pet? Eventually I think it will still end up in the cooking pot!


Big Momma said...

what a good idea!!!
my mom ever reared one or two chicks at the back of our house when I was still a teenager. None of my siblings dare to eat the chick when it was cooked, kesian... he he

Philip said...

Big Momma:haha,so who ate the chicken at the end?