Thursday, July 16, 2009

Borneo Cultural Festival (BCF) 2009

The Kumang (Beauty Queen) of Borneo Dayak Cultural Festival 2009, Miss Josephine Dennis of Sibu.

All the 6 winners of the Kumang and keling (Warrior) competition in a group photo

A multi racial dance

Performance by Homeland Dance Theatre

Presentation from the Bidayuh community

Dance and song from the Malay community

A pretty Orang Ulu girl presenting a feather dance

More performances by Homeland Dance Theatre

Some photos to share on the just concluded BCF,2009 and 26th National Chinese Cultural Festival held in Sibu. For full story please click the following link.


Aaron C. said...

Philip, you're pictures are much better than mine. I am so jealous. HAHA

Chris Anakapai said...

I love the pics.
How did you make the colours just 'pop' out? It was dark isn't it? Please, please teach me how. :-)

-eiling- said...

the pics are good. the black background brings out the colourful costumes!

Philip said...

Aaron: You also take a lot of nice don't be jealous!

Chris: If the background is dark/black, the subject will "pop" up...must use the correct exposure and ISO though, and shoot with the existing light.Email me for more information ya.

Eiling: Thanks. Yes the dark background and the lights help.Have to take these photos at the right time and right angle.

Bengbeng said...

i like the fourth pic most. and u have so little noise on the pics although it was so dark.

david是我 said...


link your blog to my blog list !

Philip said...

Hi Dr. Ling, already done.

t.p.tong said...

hi ! philip,u've taken a lot of nice photos,among the BCF series pic 9 is the most preference to me,like all yr works! fr m fendertong .

Anonymous said...

hi! philip,all yr photos r nice,on BCF series,pic 9 is my most preference. frm fendertong.

Philip said...

Thanks a lot T.P., for dropping by and your comments. Love your Tibet series too.

jameswong said...

nice pics, philip!