Sunday, May 24, 2009

Visit To Mulu National Park--Day 2 (Part 2)

The water of this stream is flowing out from the Clearwater Cave, very tempting to jump in for a swim.But not now, first we need to climb up 300 concrete steps to visit Clearwater Cave.

If you can't finish 300 steps at one go, there are places specially made for you to sit down and rest. Here you can look downwards to admire the scenery of the forests and river.

Above the entrannce to Clearwater Cave you see some very unique plants growing on the stalactites and the cliff. These are the one-leaf plants which are endemic to Mulu.

Some of the fern-like plants growing on the ground among the rocks are also very interesting. The entrance is quite huge, but not as interesting as the other show caves.

This is the end of the passage for ordinary visitors. But the entire underground cave pasage which has been explored is more than 177 km, currently the longest in Asia and 10th longest in the world.

After we returned from the cave, we had picnic style lunch on the decking in a tranquil forest setting and fronting the stream.

While you were filling up your stomach, you could also enjoy watching and taking photos of tourists swimming and playing in the crystal clear stream.It is said the water here contains "supernatural power"to keep you young and beautiful!

None of us wanted to swim in the river because we knew the magical water there could not do wonders on old people like us! So we headed back to the hostel for a much needed nap instead. At about 3.30 pm, we took a ride in a private 4-wheel drive to the Royal Mulu Resort. The above photo of the limestone peaks was taken on the bridge leading to the 4-star resort.

The 188-room resort is like a palace nested amidst the tropical rainforests. All the buildings are built on stilts, more than 3 meters above the ground. It is an internationally acclaimed award winning resort fully equipped with modern amenities, including a swimming pool which is also built on stilts.

For Day 3, we woke up early again to begin trekking to the world's longest tree-based canopy skywalk.


Kengkaru Kong said...

amazing pics bro...
I wish to visit Mulu again... natural wonder!

Bengbeng said...

Aiyo. So silly lah u. If i were there I would jump into the water n hope for a miracle :) But alas magical waters dont always work :)

peter said...

What camera & lenses you use during the trip?

Philip said...

Kengkaru: You should...I plan to visit again too.

Bengbeng: If you know magical waters don't work, why jump in? haha, who is more silly?

Peter: Nikon D300, 55-200mm and 12-24mm lenses.

ubek said...

wow...the river is so amazing man.i wish i was there now...