Saturday, May 9, 2009

Shooting Pitcher Plants

Steve, Vice President of the Photographic Society of Sibu (PSS) was overjoyed with the discovery of many species of the pitcher plants.

10 members of the PSS went for an outing to shoot photos of pitcher plant this afternoon. The location was just about 25 km away from Sibu Town at Rantau Panjang.The group was led by Bowison Hii who is PSS's Advisor.Hii did not disappoint us by bringing the group right to the spot where there were several different species of pitcher plant.
Even before we entered the secondary forest, Hii already showed us the above pitcher plant growing in a roadside drain. I was very surprised that it grows so well here.

In the forests, picther plants were every where.Some dangling on tress branches while others sitting on the forest floor. Not in any other places which is so near to the city centre that I have found them growing in such big number. If I own the land, it should be turned into a pitcher plant sanctuary.

The flowers of the picther plants are equally fascinating. They come in different colours and shapes.

The oldest member of the group is 75 year-old Chiew Nip Sing (below). Chiew is still very strong and very determined to take a lot of good photos which many of us a lot younger than him should emulate.
There were some very tiny pitcher plants as well. The big ones measured more that 1 foot long while the small ones were less that an inch.Most members were equipped with micro lenses so every one enjoyed and fully utilized the 2-hour photo session.

Bowison Hii (above left) holding a tiny pitcher plant for some members to shoot. Hii is a Fellow with the Royal Photographic Society of London (FRPS) and his prestigious fellowhip was obtained 7 years ago with an outstanding series of 15 pictures of different species of the pitcher plant taken throughout Borneo.


Daniel Yiek said...

Kuching's Kota Padawan town at 10th Mile has a Pitcher Plant garden with 25+(?) varieties.

The Bako National Park in Kuching has many wild varieties too. The world class treks there is a photopgrapher's paradise with several natural habitats.

Nelson said...

there are pitcher plants along the highway to kuching too but not as myriad as rantau panjang.

sarawakiana said...

Wow Very impressive. Mr. Hii's photos are in a book?

Bengbeng said...

Impressive pics. I hold them as a standard for me to reach one day :)

peter said...

may I know how to join Sibu Photography Club?

Philip said...

Daniel: I have been to both Padawan pitcher plant garden and Bako National Park.The main difference here is the Padawan park is man-made while Bako is a national park and at Rantau Panjang,they grow wild on private land.They will be gone once the land is opened up for development.

Nelson; You are right. Those are mostly small ones.

Sarawakiana:Which book do you refer to?

Bengbeng: you can take more beautiful pictures than me any time.

Peter: I can pass you a form to register yourself as a member.Kindly advise how to reach you.

Bengbeng said...

Philip : You flatter melah. And blush blush I enjoy the flattery hahahahaah

-eiling- said...

get me a pitcher plant please. i want to get rid of the mosquitoes!

Philip said...

eiling: I won't because I prefer scratching for you after they bite...haha, anyway,quite impossible to send you a live pitcher plant because it is a protected plant.