Sunday, May 3, 2009

Motorcycle Race On Sibu's Streets

Some streets in Sibu were closed to traffic over the weekend to give way to a motorcycle race. It is the first time a motorcycle race is being organized legally on the streets of Sibu. The action packed event attracted hundreds of spectators, the majority of whom are bumiputra.Called the Sarawak Club Prix, the race was jointly organized by Sibu Municipal Council, X4 Generation and Sarawak Automotive Racing Association.


Anonymous said...

We should have the race course. If not, where do they practice it? It is too dangerous to ride on the regular roads, not supposed to be for racing.

Anonymous said...

Good for Sibu. Did our class mate Mr R Tan take part? Could have won a special prize la!!!!kpenyu

Philip said...

anon:You are correct. I noticed our boys did very well and are very skillful and also daring racers.They could be national and international racers one day. Closing the streets of Sibu only make every one of us very inconvenient.

Kpenyu:Why were you not there to present trophy to R. Tan? He got first in the special category of 150cc and above.