Sunday, May 24, 2009

The God Must Be Crazy

The earliest stone bra in the world is on display in the Wind Cave of Gunung Mulu National Park.

What would you say about the creation? Long long ago, perhaps many million years ago god had already created this pxxxy. But for what purpose? Was he also teaching biology beside the bible?

And as if he was not satisfied with the first 2 creations, he then created this master piece. Isn't god very fair?
Jokes aside, below are some facts about Mulu, according to the scientists and geologists.
* The mountains of Mulu were created some 5 millions years ago when the movement of Asian and Australian landmasses caused the earth surface to buckle and fold,lifting and pushing up layers of limestone and sandstone from the ocean floor to form the new mountains.
* Through millions of years of rentless process of weathering by elements of rain, wind and time, the present magnificent landscapes of Mulu , both on the surface and underground are formed.
* Past and on-going researches and surveys in Mulu have listed more than 3,500 types of plants, 1,500 flowering plants and 8,000 fungi are also identified.
*An astonishing 20,000 animal species are discovered, the majority of which are invertebrates. These include 80 mammalian species, 270 species of birds, 55 reptile species, 48 species of fish and 76 amphibians.
*The smallest mammal in the world, the Savi's Pigmy Shrew which weighs only 2 grams is also found in Mulu.
New species of flora and fauna are continued to be discovered.Mulu is certainly a biodiversity hotspot, a true Garden of Eden created by god.
This will be my last post for May. Wishing all Iban readers and friends Selamat Hari Gawai and for those who are not celebrating this festival but having a long holiday... enjoy your days off and do take special care when travelling.


Bengbeng said...

it is so dark in the caves.. i wonder what technique u used to take pics....

fufu said...

wow awesome!!! but i saw some creations before...kidding... just similiar with what i have seen in china laos vietnam and new zealand =p they are all limestones afterall

Philip said...

bengbeng: The show caves are installed with lights, but they are still too dark. Tripods are not allowed in, so I mostly shoot with ISO3200 and very slow speed.I want the original colours and luckily most of the photos are clear and sharp.

fufu:It's all end up with our imaginations....but some of them really resemble something.