Monday, May 4, 2009

Adventure Photo Tour To Mulu National Park

The profile of Abraham Lincoln in Deer Cave

Mulu limestone complex

Far and wide

Part of the adventure and fun is wading in shallow water in the cool and crystal clear mountain streams. All photos taken between 1988 and 1990

The Photographic Society of Sibu (PSS) is organizing an adventure photo tour to Mulu National Park on May 13.The 4D/3N tour is part of PSS's activities for its members this year. About 10 members are expected to join the tour, a first visit to this renowned world heritage site for most of them. The group will depart Miri early on the morning of May 13, first taking the express passenger boat to Marudi then onto Long Terawan. From here they will proceed to Mulu using a wooden long boat. The whole river journey will consume a whole day, but along the way there will be ample photo shooting opportunities for every one. The second and third day members will visit the four show caves: Clear Water Cave, Wind Cave,Deer Cave and Lang Cave. In between they will have time to observe hundreds of thousands of bats flying out from Deer Cave in the evening, visit to a Penan Settlement, canopy walk and jungle trekking.All Photographers will probably be heavily laden with cameras and various lenses as there will be so many interesting things to shoot....from the awesome landscape, rare and unique species of flora and fauna, portraits of the indigenous peoples and a lot more.The return journey to Miri will be by air as it only takes half an hour. Presumably everyone will just be too exhausted to repeat the long river journey.I have been assigned by PSS to arrange and lead the tour. Time is very constrained, but I still hope to make it perfectly fun,eventful and fruitful for every participant.This will be my 8th trip to Mulu, the first was in 1988 which I also managed to scale the Pinnacle. PSS this year has planed a series of photo shooting activities for members. The main ones are listed as follows:-
(1) April 24-26: Mukah Tour. Successfully accomplished with 5 members taking part.Person in-charge: Steve Ling.
(2)May 2-3: Belawai Tour. Successfully accomplished with 7 members participating.Person in-charge: Abang Khalif.
(3) Mulu Tour: May 13-16. Person in-charge: Yours truly.
(4)World Harvest Festival, Kuching: May 23-24. Person in-charge:Ling Ee Sieng.
(5) Model Photography, Jubilee Park, Sibu : June 14. Person in-charge: Kelvin Hii.
(6) Borneo Cultural Festival cum National Chinese Cultural Festival,Sibu: July 3-11. Persons in-charge: Ling Liong Hui, Sia Pik Ee.
(7) Chinese Moon Cake Festival: October 2-3. Person in-charge: Chew Nik Seng.
(8) Batang Rajang Challenge (power boat race and kenyalang regatta): October 10-11. Person in-charge: Liong King Ying.
(9) Yu Lon San Tien En Si Sibu Cultural Festival: October 26. Person in-charge: Yours truly.
Apart from the above activities, PSS members will also be invited to attend short seminars/worksops on improving and upgrading photography skills. Further more several photography competitions and exhibitions will also be organized for the members.


Anonymous said...

Very interested in the Long Terawan- Mulu sector.
A friend arranged for Private Mulu-by- boat trip 7years ago..Penan guide jungle overnight stops(fishing and hunting for food)etc and the tourist paid Big Bucks.Can you or anyone arrange for a similar trip.. I can get the tourists for you. Small groups but $$$ is not their concern.

Philip said...

Anon:Not a problem in organizing customized adventure tours in Sarawak. I have many contacts and it is also my intention to organize and lead a few adventure tours annually. Just give me sufficient time, people and money!Small group is preferred. Thanks.

Bengbeng said...

Victor has indicated interest in joining. He asks who to pay subscription to.

Anonymous said...

We must keep that option open... the last group enquiring were Danish..forgot to sign kpenyu la.p/s 10 days experience is what they are looking for .

Philip said...

Beng2:Already sms you
Kpenyu: You can email new enquiries to me to work out itineraries and a quotation.Thanks

abana said...

Its seems that the Sibu Photography Society has a lot of activities this year.Their shutters will not rest to click all year long.

Anonymous said...

how to join Sibu Photography Society?

Bengbeng said...

haha i met a reader today. he oso interested to join :) but he needs to buy a camera first..he has one, but not dslr. i received yr sms. thanks

Aaron C. said...

Ermm... Can i not be a member and join in the activities.. I think out of all the remaining ones, i can join 2 from may till july. HAHA...

Philip said...

abana:Great that PSS is very active again this year. Hope that in the coming years there will again be many activities organized for its members.

Anon:I can get you a membership registration form. Just email me. The first year you pay RM44 and thereafter RM20 annually.

Bengbeng: You can invite your reader to join our activities anytime. He can decide to join the club or not later.

Aaron: You are most welcome anytime.See you soon Aaron.

-eiling- said...

the 1st pic was good. And you have good imagination!

Hardy said...

Hi Philip, where can I get the PSS form?

Philip said...

eiling: Not should go to the one who discovered it and named it after Abraham Lincoln. I will look closely if some stones resemble you this time!

Hardy: I can get some PSS forms for you. You are most welcome to join us.