Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Wild Fire" In Sibu

Taken at 13.22.33 at Rajang Park Commercial Centre
Taken at 14.56.45 at Upper Lanang near Rimbunan Hijau's Head Office
Taken at 15.10.34 infront of Rajang Port Authority
Taken at 15.13.11 at the Sibu Town Square, Phase II
Taken at 18.20.11 at Sibu Town Square Phase II
Taken at 19.03.43 (above) and 19.05.36 (below) at Sibu Town Square Phase II
Half the sky above Sibu was heavily polluted by smoke from a big fire across the town at Sungai Bidut. It may be categorized as "wild fire" as a certain big company was burning the land in preparation for planting oil palm. I thought zero open burning is permitted but I learned from a friend in the oil palm industry that one can still apply for permit to burn the land for planting oil palm. Can the authority or some one enlighten me on this issue? I hope the fire will still be burning this Saturday when Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) is launching the "Love Earth Day" at the Town Square. SMC, and the other government departments, how are you going to answer questions regarding this "wild fire" when the press or members of the public query you? To me it is a big sin to start the fire and allow it to burn out of control. How are we going to educate our children not to burn waste paper in the backyard when someone can burn hundreds of acres of land and go unpunished?


jg said...

i saw it too, i was at teku and the sky is red, thought someone house burned up. check the news this morning, nothing was reported about the fire except only one on a Malay paper written about 'pencemaran' .. aww!

Kengkaru Kong said...

what a moment!

suituapui said...

I also posted on this today. What Earth Day? All politics and propaganda! Some publicity stunt to show their faces only!!! They never practise what they preach!

-eiling- said...

I think it's time the authorities answer some questions. Let them feel the crisis!

abana said...

Like the Floods, is this a common sight too Sibu?

Superman said...

welcome to Sibu. Haha. that's Sibu. The minister Wong said need to investigate first. Investigate what? Who set the fire? They know it long ago and just treat Sibu people like complete idiots and give lame excuses. What can Sibu people do? Nothing as even the press are controlled by them! thanks there is still internet.

Anonymous said...

Even the educated Sibuians can have no brains. Yet they talk about health, organic food, going green, bla, bla, bla...didn't see it but smelled it. The BOMBA is supposed to spray water on the smoke.

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