Sunday, April 5, 2009

An Unforgettable Reunion

Our beloved former principal, Brother Albinus.

He is still as young and handsome .

Thoughtful and authoritative.

One of the most naughty boys especially during Form 4 and Form 5, Datuk Clement Hii listened attentively to Brother Albinus before the dinner started.

We can only guess what actually transpired between them.Datuk Clement Hii has been very close and helpful to Brother Albinus especially in supporting the Lasallian Foundation which Brother Albinus founded to help poor and needy rural students obtain their education.

M. Rajah,(below) Editor-in-Chief of Borneo Post at the registration counter. 3 in our class, Datuk Clement Hii, M. Rajah, and yours truly have some similarities...we all worked in the media at one time or another.Datuk Clement Hii, who was the first Chief Editor of Borneo Post has recently been appointed the Executive Deputy Chairman of Star Publications Bhd which is the publisher of the country's largest English daily, The Star.

Frederick Lee filling up his particulars. Looking at the camera is Datuk Wee Yiaw Hin, Managing Director of Sarawak Shell. Our batch produced 2 Datuk which I believe is unprecedented.
Liong Nai Choi (right) and Datuk Wee teasing Raymond Tang. Raymond is another Journalist working for the Borneo Post.However Raymond was not in the same class as the 3 of us.
Lawyer greeting teachers.Stephen Chung taught us briefly before going overseas to read law. Tiong Ah Kai and Wong Sing Chuon have been teaching since they started working.
Lim Chuon Hui (right) came back from Beijing purposely for the reunion. In the middle is our Physics teacher, Mr. Lokanathan who previously also lectured in Curtin, Miri, before retirement.At left is prominent Lawyer Sim Hui Chuan.
From right, Ah Kai, Seng Cheak Chai,Paul Liong, Joseph Chuo and Peter Seo.
Wong Ngie Chiok (right) exchanging business cards with M. Rajah.
Mr. and Mrs Bala with Wong Tiong Kai and Wong Hing. Tiong Kai is the CEO of Laku Management S/B which is the provider of water for the northern region of Sarawak while Wong Hing is in oil and gas industry based in Shenzhen, China.

Un Ah Ling, Frederick Lee and yours truly.

Henry Tang sharing some old photographs with former teacher, Madam Judy Wong. Henry is teaching in his alma mater, Sacred Heart Secondary School while Judy is Principal of Pilley College, Sibu.

Teacher Lawrence Lau (below,red shirt) with his former students.

Daniel Wong, the former Head Prefect of the school was the organising chairman of the reunion dinner.He was also a national volleyball player and is currently the General Manager of Sibu Water Board.

Teachers Lawrence Lau, Stephen Shu and Lokanathan.

Brother Albinus's speech was met with loud applause from Datuk Wee.

The current prinicpal of Sacred Heart Secondary School, Mr. Vincent Liong (right) with Wong Sing Chuon, Principal of Chung Hua Primary School.

Alfred Wong Pak Sing, Regional Manager for Hong Leong Bank with Brother Albinus. Alfred was also my primary school classmate.

Madam Judy with Datuk Wee.

Suresh Jayasingam with Datuk Clement Hii. Suresh is now with HP in JB.

Brother Albinus flanked by former principal Stephen Tan and current principal, Vincent Liong.

From left, Peter Lau,Peter Sia and Callistus Wong with Brother Albinus. Peter is in Sibu while Sia and Wong are in KK, Sabah. Callistus is a lawyer and he has been following my blog for quite sometime.

From left, Teacher John Ling with Andrew Wong, Bala,Jacob Wong, Frederick Lee and Michael Chew.

From right, Joseph Chuo, Peter Lau and Mr and Mrs.....oh, have to find out their names!

Andrew and Joseph with Datuk Clement Hii and his son.

Cheers to Brother Albinus.

Maths teacher John Ling "yam seng" with his former students.

Teacher Lokanathan with some former students.

The 2 Datuk with their former classmates.

This group of 9 were also in the same primary school .

Teacher John Ling with some former students.

RM15,000 was raised and jointly presented to Brother Albinus by Datuk Clement Hii and Datuk Wee to support his Lasallian Foundation. Below picture 1,Callistus and Daniel led the classmates to sing the school song. Picture 2, group photo with teachers and invited guests.

The biggest joke of the night was created by Peter Toh, the above classmate. Peter missed the reunion dinner because in the haste to book an air ticket online, he didn't realize his fatal mistake until the MAS staff at KLIA alerted him that he had wrongly booked the Sibu-KL sector instead of KL-Sibu! The above picture was taken in 2003 during our first reunion.

The reunion dinner was a great success in terms of the number of former classmates attending and also the level of interactions achieved among all those present.This has encouraged us to plan more future reunion, perhaps once in every 3 or 5 years and in different places. Bala has already suggested to organise one in Perth, Australia, since now every one can fly!


-eiling- said...

that's a lot of pictures!Lol

Superman said...

I wish I will have a gathering like that after 32 years of my secondary school. It must be a night to remember.

justin said...

I am not lucky to be a student of Sacred Heart School but I have worshipped in St.Joseph Catherdral. Brother Albinus is fantastic. Your pictures remind me that school days are the best days of our lives. My school days were poor days with our teachers even did not teach the right syllabus. ( I won't let you know where I went to school.) My class all get kosong for English . So I envy those taught by Brother Albinus.

Yan said...

Hey, I can shout most of the names out, not Sacred Heart student though!

suituapui said... pics of the food kah? And you did not take the photo of that handsome guy in a yellow t-shirt, sitting at the lobby outside...too shy to come in? LOL!!!

sarawakiana said...

Your class is a great group!

Well done! It really takes a great effort for all to come from far and near and to make time for each other.

It is a matter of going back to the old days and reliving youth and getting to know each buddy again.

may be carthartic for some people.

Impressive group and impressive work.

Anonymous said...

It was a night to remember alright. Everybody were so hidden agenda,,just to be with each other again and turn the clock back for 30 over years.kpenyu

Philip said...

eiling: That is only 10% of the total. I took over 400 pictures!

Superman:Go and organize will be fun and very meaningful.

Justin:Yes, school days were the best part of our lives.Brother Albinus is simply THE BEST.

Yan: Really? Who are these people?

Stp: You should come to take the food pics....the food that night was not bad.Haha, still shy to meet Ah Bai?

Sarawakiana:Thank you. It normally takes up to a year to organise one.

Kpenyu: Yes, you are absolutely was a great night that we would cherish for the rest of our life.

Anonymous said...

Those days, we heard of complaints about ah-bai from most Sacred heart boys. Now they would praise the ah-bai.

Anonymous said...

Behind that tall boxer facade is the greatest teacher's heart. That the stern looks but fall on the softness of his love.
from another teacher who knows B. A. quite well. All teachers should be like him or just 50% of him.

Today hard to find such teachers....