Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Some Good News

First, congratulations to whoever had won in the 3 by-elections. Make sure you concentrate on serving the people in your constituency since it was these people who voted you in.

I will be leaving for KL Thursday to do the graduation photography for SEGi University College which falls on April 11 at the Multipurpose Hall, SEGi University College, Kota Damansara. During my absence for at least a week, I would not be updating my blog.

The reunion dinner which was held in Sibu recently probably didn't just end here, at least for me. I will be meeting and dining with some old classmates and a teacher in KL. Coincidentally Mr and Mrs Bala will also be spending their holidays in KL this weekend before returning to Perth. We are going to extort an expensive dinner from Peter, the guy who missed the reunion dinner because he messed up with his KL-Sibu flight ticket. Peter, I hope you are reading this before I call you Thursday evening!.

After finishing work in KL, I plan to retreat to Genting Highlands for 2-3 days and take part in the Genting Goes Green Photo Contest.

The final good news is I was just been informed that I had won the Gold Medal in a photo contest organized by the Photographic Society of Sibu. Steve Ling (http://www.stevelinglt.blogspot.com/) who won the Bronze Medal in the same contest will receive the prize on my behalf on April 12.


sarawakiana said...

An early congratulations from us in Miri!!

And hope you get the best prize in Genting too....Make Sarawak proud!

suituapui said...

Congratulations!!! When is the celebration? Am I invited? LOL!!!

Superman said...

congratulation for the winning. Nice photos you got here.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and have fun in KL. It was all so hertic that night and with you busy with the camera..not able to catch up with you..hope to meet again soon.

Your blog actually reminds me of a book we used to have in school(PRIMARY I THINK) ...." SARAWAK AND IT'S PEOPLE" ..if I were to write the 2nd edition..sure BAN one hahahaha. looks like nothing have changed at all.

willchua said...


Philip said...

sarawakiana:Thank you. Haha, my photos seldom enter any competition. Still a lot to learn from the sifus out there.

stp: Thanks...after I come back from KL we go to eat Tom Yang fish and sambal fried kway Tiaw etc ok? Don't know whether you have been there.The food there is quite special and nice.

Superman: Thank you very much for your encouring words.

Kpenyu:It's always work and play for me, so every outstation trip is sure to be fun.I look forward to seeing you in KK, hopefully in June or July.I still keep that book for reference sometimes!How about you write the 2nd edition, I supply you photos and we ask The Star to publish it? Thanks a lot for your kind words.

Anonymous said...

Hey congrats Philip! Well done, bro! Two thumbs up!

Bengbeng said...

congratulations !

-eiling- said...

congratulations! hey why never text me when u're at segi?!! at least we can go yum cha.

Yan said...

Tom Yang fish and sambal fried kway Tiaw? Don't forget me!

Congratulations! A well-deserved one and many many more prizes to win!

Happy Easter.

Philip said...

James: Thank you Bro. Would like to see your photos getting awards soon.

Bengbeng: Welcome you to join the Photographic Society of Sibu...I think there will be many activities for this year with Steve Ling as Deputy Chairman and Abana as committee member.

eiling:Sorry for not contacting you...was busy most of the time and also quite fed up with the nightly heavy downpour.

Yan:Thank you...so I will take more photos and participate in more contests! Will text you when the date is fixed for the Tom Yang fish.


salam kenal, saya dari kalimantan indonesia
kunjungi blog saya

Bengbeng said...

tell me how to join photographic club. consider me as in oledi. only a matter of paying subscription when is convenient. please let Steve know

Philip said...

Matema: Welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting.We will keep in touch.

Bengbeng:Will pass you a membership form after I get one from the club. Welcome brother. This year there will be lots of activities.