Friday, April 17, 2009

First Experience Of Flight Delay

My colleages and I have been flying Airasia almost exclusively for the past 3 years. So often I have heard of passengers complaining about the flight delays, but I consider myself lucky because I didn't experience any delay on all the Airasia flights I previously travelled. That luck evaded me during my most recent date with the airline's flight AK 5263 from Sibu to KL. The flight was delayed for 35 minutes from 1320 to 1355. It was not so bad for the slight delay. The above picture showed flight AK 5263 cruising above the Rajang River shortly after take off.

Flying above the South China Sea, probably over the Indonesian islands of Anambas of which Jemaja Island is one of the larger ones.I visited Jemaja once in 2003, travelling from Tanjung Pinang on the Bintan Island which is south east of Singapore.It took me nearly 7 hours to reach the main jetty at Jemaja by high speed passenger boat and another 3 hours by a small fishing boat to reach the final destination. I just couldn't imagine that these tiny islands which are so close to Pulau Tioman do not belong to Malaysia, but Indonesia. The same goes to the Island of Natuna further north and near to the Island of Labuan.

We touched down at KLIA just minutes ahead of a heavy downpour. The rain was literally chasing after us as every one of us hurried towards the LCCT.We managed to beat the rain, but we did not anticipate to wait 45 minutes for our luggage to come. The delay was probably caused by the heavy rain which lasted not more than 15 minutes.There was no announcement and several enquiries made with the ground staff could'nt help. Every one was frustrated as calls keep coming in from relatives and friends who had been waiting equally impatiently outside the terminal building. When I finally retrieved my luggage it was close to 5 pm. My friend's friend waiting for us was not very happy when we greeted him outside the terminal. He grumbled that the traffic police had been chasing him several times. Well, later in the evening we did make up for the lost time by indulging ourselves in a nice dinner after check in to the hotel.


suituapui said...

You call that a delay? It could have been worse!!! And once it was in the news that airasia passangers coming back from Bali got their luggage the following day!!!! Well, cheap airline, what to expect?

jg said...

Not that it never happens to other airlines, as a matter of fact situations like these happen everywhere, missing luggage, delayed luggage and delayed flights. being cheap airline does not make it the worse of Airlines. I'm proud of Airasia!

Philip said...

stp:Not complaining actually...just to say my first experience of a slight delay. I did experience only receiving my luggage the following day because they (not Airasia) send them to a different destination.

jg: You are absolutely right.I am proud of Airasia too.