Thursday, April 16, 2009

858 Students Graduated From SEGi

I am finally back after a week in KL. It was a busy week, but an eventful and challenging week as well.

Each time I never fail to take some photos of the imposing and innovative buildings at SEGi University College Main Campus at Kota Damansara. The design of most of these buildings are the very own ideas and concepts of its boss, Dato Clement Hii.

I was arranged to stay in the newly completed condominium right opposite the campus. The condo cum shop project which is called The Cova, is being developed by one of Dato Hii's subsidaries. I found the room at the 6th floor a bit too far from the Multipurpose Hall where the convocation ceremony was being held so I opted for a room on the ground floor at the male hostel which is just about a hundred meter away from the hall.

This year a total of 858 students graduated from various diploma courses from SEGi Main Campus, Kota Damansara, SEGi KL and SEGi Subang Jaya, making it the largest diploma convocation ceremony held at SEGi University College to date.

The ceremony was held on April 11 at 11 am. As early as 7 am, some graduating students and their parents had started arriving.Registration started at 8 am and a rehearsal was arranged at 10 am.

By 10.30 am, the Multipurpose Hall with a capacity of 1,200 people had started to fill up with students and their parents and loved ones.

The Guest Of Honour, YBhg Dato Professor Ir Dr Radin Umar, Director General of Ministry Of Higher Education arrived at 10.30 am. He was received on arrival by the newly appointed CEO, Mr. Lee Kok Cheng and Professor Dr Muhamad Bin Awang, Vice Chancellor of SEGi University College.

The Processional Entrance commenced at 10.50 am and the official ceremony began at 11 o'clock sharp with the singing of the national anthem.

Professor Dr Muhamad Bin Awang delivering his welcoming address.

Then it was a speech given by Mr. Lawrence Ngu, Principal of SEGi University College, KL (above) followed by Dr Lisa Tan, Principal Of SEGi University College, Subang Jaya (below)

YBhg Dato Professor Ir Dr Radin Umar spoke last and he later presented diploma certificates to all the graduating students.

SEGi University College now has more than 18,500 students,making it one of the largest private institutions of higher learning in Malaysia. The Main Campus at Kota Damansara which just began operating slightly more than a year ago now has more than 5,000 students. There are many overseas students, the majority of whom come from the countries in the Middle East, Africa and China.

Mr. Lawrence Ngu and Dr Lisa Tan presenting awards to two top students for the year 2008.

Immediately after the ceremony was over we were busy registering students who wished to have their photos taken at the mini studio set up below the Multipurpose Hall. This time we had equipped our mini studio with a new backdrop and a set of new studio lights. The backdrop is still the "book type" as it is the most popular with the students and their parents.

I had delivered all the photos of the students receiving their certificates on stage and the group photo to the college while the studio photos and cds will be couriered to the students by next monday. Thank you very much to Ms Pamela and her staff, Captain Roslee and his maintenace team and not forgetting the 7 student helpers, 5 from SEGi and 2 from Taylor.


Superman said...

remind me to the good old days.

-eiling- said...

you take very good shots!

Aaron C. said...

yo philip... Thanks for letting me work with you. HAHA.

Philip said...

superman:ya, the good old days, they will never return again.

eiling: Thanks...which are the good ones?

aaron: Rather sad to know that you won't be part of our team again as you will be leaving for Australia.