Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Prophet Mohammad's Birthday Procession

Muslims across the Islamic world took to the streets to celebrate the birthday of their religion's founder, Prophet Mohammad, on March 9. In Sibu YB Awang Bemee (facing camera) led a huge procession out from the Sibu Mosque to parade around part of the town. The following are colourful pictures of the happy Muslims taken before and during the procession at the mosque's compound.

Prophet Mohammad was born in Mecca in the year 570 AD and his birthday celebrations are regarded as a major event throughout the Islamic world. After the early morning prayers and sermons at the mosque, they would usually move to the streets, playing music and singing religious songs in praise of the Prophet.The annual celebration is an expression of love for Prophet Mohammad and also in remembering his contributions to the religion.


Nelson said...

I heard that Bandung has a lot of eateries, took me sometimes to locate it (i m not local sibuan) but it was afternoon time, bought some 'kuih' from the road side stalls, quite nice.

Aaron C. said...

Somehow this post lacks comments. Takut ISA tangkap is it? HAHA... Well, nice pictures by the way. Didn't know they parades. And I lived nearby for 22 years.

-eiling- said...

I never know they have a parade for prophet mohammad's birthday! Now I know. Haha thanks.

Anonymous said...

Phillip.. are u free on 22hb?(Sunday)
Wanna join us? Outing at bukit
aup? Hehehe..If confirm,we contact u by SMS ok..

Philip said...

nelson: Yes, the stalls at Bandung are serving nice food and drinks, especially at night. It is a popular place for teenagers of all races.

Aaron:haha that shows you are not true Malaysian and you do not read newspaper! I have some close Malay friends and they will inform me what's going on in their community.

eiling: This is their annual event...and one of the most important in the Islamic calender.Join them next year!.

Anon:Yes, I am free this coming Sunday. Sure would like to join you guys.What time? Thanks for inviting me.