Monday, March 30, 2009

Batang Ai By-election part 1

PKR's operation room at Lubok Antu.

PKR's flags flying on the Batang Ai river just infront of the Lubok Antu Town.

Procession to the nomination centre.

PKR's candidate for Batang Ai by-election, Mr. Jawah Gerang leading his supporters to the normination centre on March 29.

YB Gabriel Adit of Ngemah greeting supporters

An elderly Iban man carrying a mysterious object while marching with mr. Jawah Gerang (left) to the nomination centre.

Shouting "Refomasi" while marching on the 1 km road from Lubok Antu Town to the nomination centre.

About 1,000 police personnel were at the scene to direct traffic and maintain peace and order.

From just less than 50 supporters, the procession quickly grew to more than 2,000 people when it approached the nomination centre.

Riot police lined up the road to maintain peace. I should say all the police and security personnel were very neutral and acted professionally.

PKR supporters at the Padang (sports field) of the Lubok Antu's Sports Complex. The mountain range in the background is the Keling Kang Range which separates Sarawak from Kalimantan Indonesia.

At the Padang, the fully armed Riot Police separated the PKR supporters from the BN supporters.

A police helicoper was seen circling in the air as the crowd grew bigger.

YB Dominic Ng of PKR Kuching (right) greeted by supporters on arrival.

Friendly riot police having a light moment with PKR supporters.

Dr. Ting Chek Ming (left) Chairman of PKR's Pahlawan Branch arriving from Sibu to give his support.

A lone PAS supporter accompanied by DAP members.

More than 200 DAP members from Kuching, Sibu,Bintulu and Sri Aman turned up to give their support.

Mr. Johnny Chuat who originally intended to stand as an independent candidate finally declared his support for PKR.

Social Activist Hii Tiong Huat of Sibu expressed his support for PKR.

DAP Sarawak Chairman, YB Wong Huo Leng and DAP Sarawak Secretary, YB Chong Jien Len (below) were also present to lend their support.

PKR's Director of Operations, Mr. Nicholas Bawin (below). Standing as an independent candidate in the last election, he only lost 806 votes to the BN candidate.
I was at Lubok Antu recently to witness the nomination of BN and PKR candidates for the Batang Ai by-election. This is Part 1 showing photographs of the PKR candidate and supporters. In Part 2 I will show the photographs of BN candidate and supporters. I won't go into details of the election but I hope these series of photos will give you a better understanding of the by-election which is fiercely contested by Mr. Jawah Gerang of PKR and Mr. Malcom Mussen Lamoh of BN following the death of former YB, Datuk Dublin Unting of BN.

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Nelson said...

it is good to see a more challenging competition/election nowadays but I am afraid the scenario here will get dirtier and dirtier like in the peninsula. With both parties not doing a good job, we were left to choose the 'less smelly poop!"