Saturday, February 14, 2009

Reunion---Class of 73,75,77

April 4, 2003. Our first reunion 6 years ago at Tanahmas Hotel, Sibu. Andrew Wong was seen here signing in the guest book. Looking on were Daniel Wong, Tie Teck Mee and Liu Sie Lung.

Searching for ourselves in the old photos....from right, Thomas Ting, Steven Tiong and Liu Sie Lung.

Busy filling up personal particulars for the record was Ling Tiing Nguong, middle was Alfred Wong and standing was Jacob Wong

Hoping all these 7 ex-classmates will be present again at this year's reunion.I am sure each of us has aged substaintially.

Form 3, Form 5 and Form 6 students with form teachers. We hope to locate and invite as many as possible our former classmates and teachers for the coming reunion.

How many of us still keep the school magazines? Here is a collection from 1971-1976.

The first formal meeting for the 2009 reunion at Kingwood Hotel,Sibu, on February 14, 2009. A 6-man organising committee was formed with Daniel Wong ( middle in above picture) as Chairman. Members are Paul Leong,Peter Lau, yours truly,Ling Hing Poh and Tie Teck mee.

With the formation of the organising committee this morning,we will be formally inviting ex-classmates and teachers to the reunion dinner on April 4, 2009.The reunion dinner is for all students of class of 73,(form 3) 75 (form 5) and 77 (form 6) of Sacred Heart School, Sibu. Each and every one of you is cordially invited to attend this meaningful reunion. Some of us left school or went overseas to further your studies as early as 1973 and we haven't met ever since. That was a long 36 years ago! Certainly many of us need to carefully stare at each other to recognize one another.Perhaps some of you have even been elevated to grandfather, bring along your grand children to surprise us.
The reunion this time will be graced by our beloved principal, Brother Albinus.To date, about 40 ex-classmates have confirmed attendance. They include Dato Clement Hii, CEO of public listed companies,SEGi and Ecofirst Consolidated and Executive Vice Chairman of The Star newspaper, Datuk Wee Yao Hing, Managing Director of Sarawak Shell , Hii King Chiong of Kingwood,Rinwood and Fonsen Group and Mr Bala Murali, Director of Policy, Department of Treasury and Finance, Perth, Australia. We are targeting at least 100 people.
Within the next week, invitation letters will be sent out to those we know your addresses. We will also follow up with emails, smses and phone calls. To each and every one of you, kindly also notify and remind any ex-classmate you may know of this gathering.
The dinner is FREE,courtesy of Hii king Chiong, Managing Director and owner of Kingwood Hotel. Each and every one of us,however, is expected to contribute any amount towards the travelling and accommodation expenses for Brother Albinus and any extra money will be donated to the Lasallian Foundation which Brother Albinus is running to provide education to the poor and needy.
To recap, the followings are the important information on the reunion.
Date: April 4, 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 6.30 pm -10.30pm
Venue: Kingwood Hotel, Sibu, Sarawak.
Guest of honour: Brother Albinus
Dinner: FREE
Donation: Any amount, but no limit
Main outstation contacts: Kuching: Jacob Wong ( KK: Andrew Wong ( Miri: Wong Tiong Kai (


ahlost said...

Dato Clement Hii?? Yung Kong Group of companies? Tsk tsk.. My dad's relative, also my far Uncle :D

Anonymous said...

How can these so young people get the Datuk title? What is behind the Sacred Heart?

Anonymous said...

Where is Alanius now? Everyone was scared to death by him.

Hardy said...

You are from Sacred Heart too? Wow....
My group are 88-90...We did set up a blog for our classmates so that they can keep track all the long lost friend..esp..those overseas.

Philip said...

ahlost: Different Clement.The one I am refering to is the CEO of SEGi, Ecofirst Consolidated and The Star. So you are Foochow?

Anonymous 1:These not so young people are worthy of their salt and deserve the Datukship. Go find out their background and profile.

Anonymous 2:Brother Albinus is sometimes in Kuching.Without him there wouldn't be so many successful people in the society, although many ex-students and some parents are still complaining about his very strict management styles.

Hardy: I was very much your senior. Thanks for sharing the shs8890 blog. Infact we are intending to start a blog too, perhaps after the April reunion.

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