Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How Sing And The Pineapples

I wrote about him last November, the pitiful man living in a mobile wooden box. From then onwards I have always been on the look out for him whenever I drive pass the Central Market and Khoo Peng Road area where he is reported to be frequently seen.

Last Saturday morning luck was with me. I originally intended to go to the wharf area to check if the water level was still high when I chanced upon the thin man dressed in the usual white shirt and cream pants and with a red cloth draped over his shoulders.Yes, it was him, How Sing...the man in the wooden box.

I approached him from opposite, cautious not to alarm him as he was concentrating on carrying pineapples from the Pulau Babi Wharf to his mobile wooden cart which doubles as his home. From 20 meters away, I quickly shot several shots of him without his knowledge. Then I approached to greet him.

I said good morning, you must be tired with all this hard work. " Don't disturb me, bla bla bla.....", he gave me an unfriendly stare and continued with his work while murmuring to himself at the same time. It was quite embarassing for a moment as I didn't know how to respond.

Luckily a friend nearby came to my rescue. He assured me that How Sing was ok and that was his usual response to people while he was at work. "Sometimes he is hot tempered and even a bit crazy", my friend continued.

In a short time, the whole cart was filled to its top with perhaps a hundred pineapples.How Sing pushed his cart out to the main road heading to the Central Market just a short 100 meters away. I waited for his return, but he did not come back again.

Several other people were also carrying and loading pineapples to the van, trishaw and cart.There must be more than a thousand pineapples on the wharf that day, all of them would eventually end up at the fruit stalls at the Central Market.

According to this friendly guy (above) all these pineapples came from the Malay village at Panasut in the lower Igan River.He said many villagers there are full time pineapple growers,supplying thousands of the fruit to Sibu every month. With a kilogram of pineapple costing RM3 now, these farmers can earn quite a handsome monthly income.

Panasut farmers cultivate two kinds of pineapple. The Nanas Madu (honey pineapple) and Nanas Sawit (oil palm pineapple). Nanas Madu is more elongated while the Nanas Sawit is more round.Both are crispy, juicy and very sweet.


-eiling- said...

I like pineapples but yet to master the art of cutting them!

sarawakiana said...

Good article!! Did you buy any pineapples? 3 ringgit per kg is very reasonable compared to 10 ringgit per kg for green vegetables!! Should eat pineapples in different ways! cooked as a vegetable or slice to make salads!!

Panasut not under water?

Philip said...

eiling: Many KL friends say Sarawak pineapples are the best. You must try.Cutting them is easy, I can teach you.

sarawakiana:I do buy some occasionally.Haha, didn't ask if Panasut was flooded.

ahlost said...

Can courier some over for me?? Haven't ate pineapple for quite sometimes edi..

Philip said...

ahlost:Sure, email me your address. I will send some by bus. Ok?

abana said...

Can you imagine that this pineapple can be prpeare in the following manner:-
1.Rojak with prawn paste,
2.Soya Sauce(tau Yu) with cut Red chillies.
3.Dip with salt whenever you gulp it.
And of course turn it into a pineapple juice.

Philip said...

abana:It is one of the most useful fruits...easy to grow as well.