Sunday, February 1, 2009

Flood photos in and around Sibu

The swollen Rajang on the morning of January 31,2009

Jalan Koo Peng Loong/express boat wharf

Jalan Oya

kampung Hilir

Kampung Datu

Malay house at Kampung Datu

Calling for help at Jalan Koo Peng Loong

Coffee shop at Jalan Koo Peng Loong

Still full house, coffee shop at Jalan Central, beside Public Bank

Playful teenagers at Jalan Lanang infront of Hua Seng Mini Market

Jalan Lanang around Night Angel

Watching hot legs in sexy and tight pants. That is the privilege we get in Sibu when there is flood. Is that why they are so reluctant to improve the drainage system here?

Jalan Lanang

Jalan Tong Sang

Jalan Pedada

Tourist stepping out from Garden Hotel

Jalan Foochow

Infront of Sarawak House/Premier Hotel

Jalan Central

Brooke Drive/Jalan Jelutong
Jalan Wong Nai Siong

Infront of Sibu Town Square

Malay cementary

Infront of the residence of Chairman of Sibu Municipal Council at Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg

Jalan Aman

Sacred Heart Secondary School, Jalan Oya

Jalan Oya (above) Jalan Hua Kiew (below)

It is the second big flood in Sibu within a month. Every body is so fad up with the situation and every body I meet is so angry and frustrated. Nothing else to just see the photos and think and feel how we Sibuians suffer every day.


suituapui said...

I guess the situation today (Sunday 01.02.2009)has improved? My place not really affected and difficult to judge from the water level in the drain outside the house. Don't dare to venture out to see in case I get stranded somewhere, so I stay in all the time...high and dry, safe and sound!

suituapui said...

Wah! Flood already...still got time to oogle at Ah Moi's sexy legs! So lau hiau!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!... Very comprehensive collection of photos you've got here!

Bengbeng said...

We called you on the second day of the CNY but you couldnt be reached. Anyway this time the people of Sibu kena teruk teruk. Just barely out of one flood kena another one.

Great pics Philip.

Anonymous said...

lau hiau, please take more sexy legs.

sibu citizens should gather in front of the minister's house, and demonstrate. pump water into his house and let him feel the flood

Philip said...

stp:The situation has improved this morning. Water level has gone down quite a bit. My friend in Kapit just called to say there is heavy rain up river for several hours already.So water might rise up again this afternoon or tomorrow.Every time all the YBs and politicians go around in 4WD to "inspect" flooded areas. Infact they only go to watch sexy legs and wish the flood will never go away. So there is no urgency to improve the drainage and implement the flood mitigation plans.

Bengbeng:Sorry, I was away from the second day of CNY.I took several hundred photos starting from 8.30 am until almost 4 pm yesterday.

Philip said...

anon: haha, I have taken lots of sexy legs and will print them for the politicians.Rather disappointed when I went out to town this morning to see the flood has subsided.

King Guzzy said...

Hi Philip!,

Very extensive flooding pics you got there! Didn't knw sibu was floodin until i've visited Athur's blog! And the first flood was a result of 2 1/2 days rain? that's really a long one man, i gues it hasnt flood that bad for quite a while rite? anyway, do take care and cheers!

Anonymous said...

It is nice to have this kind of flooding pictures flooding the blogs. Else many people are showing food flooding their dining tables. In fact, if you look at the ones who makan the food, they are already very fat (including me). I think we should cut the food a bit. My advice!

-eiling- said...

I really pity the flood victims. Many furnitures have to be replaced and worse if the car is immersed into the flood water! Anyways, the sexy legs a bit fat la... Lol..

Anonymous said...

* the sexy legs a bit fat
I AGREE 100%

suituapui said...

Maybe Philip likes fat-fat ones. Nicer! More cuddly!!! Hehehehehe!!!

sarawakiana said...

Thanks for up to date photos (many leggy ones) and news...

A few of my friends ask why no pics of handsome men showing their six packs?

or old folks looking for help?

or YBs coming out to shake hands?

James Wong said...

Philip, how did you travel here and there to take the pics? By boat?

suituapui said...

Hahahahaha!!! Sarawakiana's friends so demanding! Personally, I feel Philip has the best collection of flood pics this time around! I did not venture out of the house for fear of being stranded but from his pics, I could get an idea of how terrible it was!

Rumour has it that because of the nonstop torrential rain, the water level at the Bakun Dam reached the critical level and they had to lift the floodgates...and hence the flood. But that's just a rumour, dunno how true.

Philip said...

king guzzy: Thanks for dropping by and thanks a lot for your concern. It rained more than 2 1/2 days...actually it rains almost every day for the past one month.We have 2 big flood within one month

anon: you are right...we all should eat/spend less especially after the CNY. Can expect really bad times ahead.

eiling: I visited a few old people who are staying alone...they are so worried that the furniture and other belongings will be damaged by the flood. They couldn't eat and sleep...just staying awake to safe guard their properties. But being old, they have no strength to move the heavy stuff higher. I did help to move a fridge from the kitchen to the room which is a few inches higher.Your pair of long and sexy legs are perfect...come and show them off during the next round of flood!

anon:That lady really needs a pair of strong legs to wade through the flood.They may be a bit "meaty" but they are I not correct?

stp:hahaha....I never like fat ones, so there is no competition between us! I didn't go to Stabau which could be one of the worst affected areas. A reporter friend staying there said it was 6 feet deep yesterday.Rumours about Bakun Dam could be if one day it really bursts, Sibu will be finished.

sarawakiana: Many affected residents complained that no YB/politician was visiting them.When I was at the Malay kampung, several frustrated elderly men brought me to their flooded homes and wanted me to highlight their problems.

James: I travelled in a 4WD and also walked in the knee-high water to take the photos. The zoom lenses also helped a lot.

Anonymous said...

Be prepared to take demonstration photos in front of the minister's house. Why we Sibu people don't know that we can shout and throw out the empty-promise government?

Anonymous said...

This is one of the historical flooding records. It means Philip will appear in the history whenever people of the future will talk about floodings in Sibu.

The cover picture of lorry is almost the same one as Steve's photo. But I checked carefully and saw that the water wave in front of the lorry was different.

For those who want to see a better pair of legs, I saw one in another blog written in Malay. You have to find it out yourself.

Bengbeng said...

well, u did a good job highlighting the issue

ahlost said...

Wow.. So many photos you've got there !! Thanks for sharing wor :)

and OMG !! Sempat you said got privilege some more o_O *LOL*

Happy 8th Day of CNY :)

Anonymous said...

30 yrs ago it happen, that mean our government had done nothing to solve the flooding.
american had a black president , we need a change in order flooding will not a nightmare to sibuian.

a sibuian who work in oversea

Philip said...

anon:I bet there will be big changes in the next election.

anon:I went together with Steve Ling to take all those photos.I still have not broken the record of using photos not taken by myself in this blog!

bengbeng: Thanks

ahlost:Welcome to my blog.The word privilege is used here to ridicule "those people" who do not work hard to improve the flood situation in Sibu.

anon:Make sure you should also contribute to CHANGE Sibu, Sarawak and Malaysia into a better place for our future generations.

Aaron C. said...

My gosh... So cham.. Mayb i shud be thankful for celebrating cny in KL this year. At least I can relax abit. Eat yummy food. HAHA...

Philip said...

aaron: Yes, certainly you will regret if you had returned to celebrate cny in Sibu.

-eiling- said...

haha when got flood, call me ok?!! Lol...

victor said...

Kids enjoy the most when there's a flood.

Philip said...

eiling:Has been raining for the last 9 hours. Another flood expected in a few days' time. So you better get ready to fly here. haha, will call you when the water starts rising!

victor: Yes, kids love to play in the water.When I saw them playing so happily, I wish I was a kid again.But the water is so containminated

Hardy said...

Read the Borneo Post...all the Sibu YB's said blame it on Sibu because Sibu was in a low land area. They really have a lot of excuses... really shame on them. Why don't they admit that, they should be blamed because they didn't do or try anything to improve the situation.

YBs should say "blame it on us because we aere to afraid to voice anything to PM or CM"

Philip said...

hardy:Brother, flooding again. I know your area will be hardest hit.You take good care and will pray for you and your family to be safe.

William said...

Wah... amazing photos documenting the flood. Thanks God that this thing (I mean flood) did not happen here.

William said...

This is terrible. In Miri, we used to have flash flood but the problem had been fixed as I don't see anymore flood after heavy downfall.

Philip said...

william: Thanks god, the flood finally goes away although some really bad areas are still clogged with water. It has been fine weather for 3 days.Miri in a way is more fortunate being on higher ground and perhaps also having a more aggressive and demanding DCM.