Friday, February 6, 2009

Borneo Post to feature local Bloggers weekly

Just a quick update on the flood situation here. Much of the town is flooded again , as high as on Fenruary 1. STP just texted to inform me that Kapit is now flooded. The next few days are expected to be worst with the king tide reaching its climax on Monday, February 9 at 6.2 meters. If there is heavy rain in the upper Rajang , Sibu town will be paralyzed. Can't do much, just pray hard and be cautious.The above picture was taken at about 4.45 pm today. The wharf at the Rajang Port Authority was already partially flooded.

I guess Sibuians have now been immuned to flooding and the many problems and inconveniences it brings along. It's sort of a way of life already. So most people couldn't care less if there is any immediate flood mitigation programme being implemented.

As the water was rising at an alarming rate last night, I was enjoying a special dinner arranged by yan ( at her house. The gathering of Journalists and Bloggers at Yan's place was more interesting than the Sibu flood and the political crisis in Perak, combined. I have come to the conclusion that ordinary people like us could not do much during ordinary days. We can only bring about change during election time, that is still possible unless our country will also start practising emergency or military rule to cling on to power. So make sure you use your vote really really wisely in the next election. Last night I found someone resembling Hee Yit Fong, the infamous assemblywoman who resigned from DAP and declared her support for BN, thus causing the fall of the Pakatan government in Perak. Don't you think the one wearing blue at left in the above picture looks quite like Yit Fong?

The dinner last night was thrown for the Journalists working for The Borneo Post and See Hua Daily News. Yan is the General Operation Manager for both dailies. It was very thoughtful and generous of her to also invite the Bloggers, although only 3 of us managed to attend. Yan's father-in-law, the late Mr. Lau Hui Siong was the founder and MD for See Hua Daily News and The Borneo Post.

At the dinner Yan also announced that Borneo Post will be featuring one Blogger every week in its new community page. STP of has the honour to be the first Blogger to appear on this Saturday's Borneo Post. Apart from the free publicity, the paper will also pay a token to the Bloggers for using their articles and photographs.Yan assures that she will obtain the consent from the Bloggers first before using their work. I think it is a right direction for the newspaper to start valuing and acknowledging the work of Bloggers, who very often are in the forefront of news dissemination.Thank you very much Yan, for all the goodies you personally prepared for us last night. I won't be writing about the nice food we had last night. I am sure STP, our food specialist, and our most handsome Blogger, Victor, ( will have a detailed account in their up coming posts.


suituapui said...

I'll post on the dinner tomorrow...but of course, my pics...not nice ones lor!!! LOL!!! Thank goodness you did not get me in one of yours! Shhh....don't tell people whose blog in BP's special feature. Me, very shy type, yunno!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

sarawakiana said...

Congratulations to STP.

Sibu bloggers are so lucky!

Anonymous said...

haha, the BIG ones, please eat less!

nelson said...

i think they should improve like rectifying the 'email this to friend' service and also add 'share it in facebook etc'. this can help disseminate more and more news to the world. well, it is good to hear that borneo post is recognizing bloggers!

James Wong said...

Wa...having a great time you guys! I don't mind the flood as long as Yan is hosting dinner! How many imperial dishes? Hahaha!

suituapui said...

Drop by my blog, James, and see for yourself. I have MOST of the buffet spread in my post.

Hardy said...

That's great news for Sibu bloggers. Thumb up for BP

Victor Kiu said...

It is indeed my pleasure!! Thanks Yan for giving me this wonderful chance.

Aaron C. said...

Woooo... Interesting. HAHA... The power of the bloggers.

Philip said...

stp:your writings on food are always excellent, making people drool and directly contribute to poroducing a lot of over-sized people!

sarawakiana:I believe BP is going to feature all prominent Bloggers in Sarawak. I am sure you won't be left out.

anon: Are you refering to stp or Raymond?Luckily they ate more otherwise Yan's cooking would be consider not professional!

nelson: Yan, hope you are reading this comment!

James:hahaha, you were bringing the floods to Sibu...see, for the two times you came over, Sibu was was wrecked by flood!

hardy:yes, that's a shot in the arm for Bloggers.

victor:Did you strike the 4D? It is indeed good exposure for you to meet different people.

aaron:Malaysian Bloggers are creating history...see the many Bloggers turn politicians and politicians turn Bloggers!

goolooloo said...

wow... i bet now sibu will pop up a lot of bloggers over a night. hahha.. but its really a good news, as it can motivate bloggers to write better content. :)

Philip said...

goolooloo:hahaha..the more the merrier. You are also considered half Sibuian.Thanks for dropping by.