Saturday, January 3, 2009

You lose, you eat

Last week was the first time I saw people playing games with eggs, boiled eggs that is. It was so amusing to see simple rural folks making themselves merry with simply games like this. First the eggs were marked to differentiate themselves.

Beside the eggs, a sarong was the only other item used in this game. Two persons spreaded out the sarong in their hands like the above.

There were much grumbling and shoutings before the game started. One person would dare another to come forward to contest.It was basically a woman's game although some men were there to cheer their favourites and jeer at their opponents.That certainly made the scene more noisy and chaotic. But it was really fun.

It was a very simple game. Two persons just threw the eggs at the same time in the sarong. If the eggs missed hitting each other, it was a draw. If it hit and the one which was broken, lost the game. At first I thought both eggs would surely break if they hit against each other. But it was not usually the case. Only one of them would break on impact,that was if you knew how to skillfully throw it.

Rural women did not usually gamble with money like many of us town's folks. Instead the losers of the game were made to eat and drink. This loser above was forced to eat raw grains until she had to the delightful roaring of the crowd.

The loser below was made to drink Tuak, the traditional Iban rice wine. Looked like she was pleading for mercy already.

The game and the fun continued....until there was no more challenger. Either the losers had all their eggs broken or they could no longer continue taking the punishment of eating and drinking!.The lady below was declared the final winner, proudly holding up the strongest egg in jubilation.
This game reminded me of the punishment two brothers mercilessly inflicted upon me some years ago while I was their guest in Kuching. I was tricked to play "Chor Dai Dee" with them. I had never played it and I foolishly accepted their challenge that the loser ate all the edible things available in their kitchen. We played for many hours and I was the one who emptied the fridge of the dinner leftovers, the beer and the more than 10 bananas! It was really torturing with a bloated stomach that made me sleepless the whole night.


-eiling- said...

Looks like one fun game except having to eat the raw grains. I rather drink alcohol than eat that. hey what's the white stuff on the sarong?

Philip said...

So can bring you to Iban longhouses to try this game next time and make you drink lots of Tuak.The white stuff on the sarong are the grains, probably put there to make the eggs roll faster.

Bengbeng said...

Wow..this is interesting!

mama belian n cengal said...

never heard of this game before... find it interesting!
which area is the longhouse located?

Philip said...

bengbeng: yes, interesting game especially with so many people participating.

mama: Kanowit area.Also first time seeing it myself.

James TC Wong said...

Wah...good, good game to copy for future ice-breaking! And great photography too!

Philip said...

James:haha, sure you can try this game...make sure you have a sarong first.

Anonymous said... so intereseting with borneo, dayak, culture dayak, n black magic of misterious for me..

can u share ur information about all about dayak?

ohya, im indonesian people, n my dad from west borneo ( Sintang)

my email :



suituapui said...

Looks sadistic! LOL!!!

Philip said...

debby: Thanks for dropping by and also leaving your comment.I am as mystified as you with the dayak people and their cultures.I have travelled to most regions of Borneo, including Kalimantan Indonesia and every where I go I am always fascinated by the land,the people and their colourful culture.Where do you stay presently? I am sure your dad is a dayak too.I will email you shortly. Wishing you all the best.

stp:sort of, but I was assured that they did it purely for fun and there were no hard feelings.