Saturday, January 3, 2009

New year eve party

Just a quick post on the new year eve party which was long overdue. The party was held at the poolside of RH Hotel which is overlooking the town square. It was a very private party for some 60 people, mostly friends and their families. We were honoured to have some guests coming from New Zealand and West Malaysia.Each one was given a party hat such as the above, LED spectacles and lights which were all specially courried from USA.

We had buffet dinner, lots of desserts and more than enough wine and beer. While we partied away, there were fireworks at the Town Square and we had an unobsructed view of the 10- minute display from the poolside. Several thousands people turned up to watch a variety of performances at this annual countdown event organized by the Sibu Municipal Council.

Our very own countdown was made merrier with the shooting of party poppers at midnight and then every one wishing one another happy new year. As the town was still very congested and the traffic hardly moving after midnight,we partied until almost 2 am.

Children had a fun time playing many interesting games and winning prizes.

And of course throughout the night people danced away to the tune of the good oldies of the 70s and 80s. So many of us said to each other: "Buddy... come on, lets drink and dance to the fullest tonight. From tomorrow onwards we will stop drinking and dancing." But just 4 days into the new year, many of us again partied at the same place on last Saturday night and drank again last night at our usual watering hole, the YMCA. Haha, I guess we all are still in the new year the celebration goes on.

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