Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Double Chin

Some people say if you have double chin, or when you are starting to have double chin, it is a sign of good fortune. A sign on the face telling yourself and others that you have acquired wealth and prosperity.The guy above is a friend who operates a coffee shop. I certainly believe he has made a fortune from years of hard work and very good business every day. But is the extra chin what he really wants on the face? Is his trademark smile as he greets customers also indicating he is a happy man with a double chin?

This lady has an even more prominent double chin. In the course of half an hour of observing and shooting her discreetly selling ice cream, I never saw her smile. I don't believe fat people don't smile. I believe she is always feeling her life is pretty doomed with a heavy body and an ugly double chin. I couldn't be wrong because you can't tell me which woman doesn't want a slim and shapy body.

When I took these pictures sometime ago it never came across my mind to blog about double chin. Some how just now my instincts told me to do a post on why people have double chin and how to avoid or lessen it. So my intention is noble, I do not mean to ridicule or hurt people with double chin.

Here are some advices and tips for people who may need them. Double chins tend to come with growing older but they are not inevitable and they are capable of being reduced without surgery. The main causes leading to the formation of double chins could be: (A) Genetic tendency (B) Lack of exercise (C) Caloric intake

(1) The best and most effective means of getting rid of a double chin is control what you eat.Science has proven that processing calories is what ages our bodies the most. So the fewer calories our bodies have to process, the less fat we will find on our faces. You have to strictly monitor and regulate your own caloric intake every day. Things to avoid are beer, soft drinks,snack bars and take out meals.

(2) Regular exercise will keep your whole body well-toned and trim. Exercise can be as simple as daily walks or as complicated as gym sessions. As long as you are active and stretching your muscles, you will tone your body and help prevent the build up of fat deposits, including in your chin area. If you have a genetic tendency toward a double chin, then you have even more reason to exercise and eat healthily to avoid getting a double chin or to reduce one you may already have.

(3) Lose weight. A double chin due to excessive weight is a good indicator that you start to change your lifestyle diet. Your diet should include plenty of fiber,vegetables, fruits and water.

(4) Do chin and neck specific exercises. A lot of people have tight necks due to stress, bad posture and lots of computing work.Tilt your head from side to side as far as your head will go and tilt it forward and back as far as it will go. Do not spend too many hours slumped over the computer everyday.

(5) Do not wear dangly earrings and short necklaces as they will accentuate the chin.

(6) Do not wear turtleneck sweaters or high collars.

(7) Do not tan too much as the sun helps to break down the skin's elasticity earlier than the normal process of aging.

So after reading the above, do you still believe having a double chin is a sign of good fortune?


Yan said...

That's interesting!

Ha, ha! I have just got rid of my double chin in 2008 and I am going to continue keeping fit!

-eiling- said...

Shit. I think I've got a double chin forming soon if I continue to eat like 2008. Thanks for the tips! Lol...

James TC Wong said...

You are not talking about me, are you? Hahaha! xD

sarawakiana said...

Very interesting.

How not to have a double chin? Always lift your head up high when you take photos. Keep your eyes at the skies and the hills....

hahahahah xD

Philip said...

yan:Really admire your determination to keep fit and healthy by daily exercise. Keep it up!

eiling:haha, too young for you to have double chin.

James:'s a general topic, not refering to anybody specifically.

sarawakiana:yes, that is the way to get rid of it temporarily. Anyway, can also always photoshop it.

Anonymous said...

the legs in the cover page photo are a bit too fat and short lah

Anonymous said...

Don't believe! I've triple chin...but I am still so poor! LOL!!

Clare said...

I don't think Arthur has only double chin. He might have more :P LOL!

Philip said...

anonymous:see more at the latest post. Some photos are intentionally distorted.

stp:Only the rich people say they are poor!

clare: He admits he has more than 2

Aaron C. said...

Oh mannn.... Means i have to get rid of mine. HAHA... Resolution for 2009, EXERCISE!

abana said...

I have known this kopi tiam's towkay for more than 10years but couldn't get a good portrait of him like you did.He really have a good fortune.
At times he may looks like a smiling Buddha.

Anonymous said...

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