Friday, January 16, 2009

D'LIFE LINE @ Bamboo House Lounge

The 4-member D' Life Line band from Cebu presenting its debut performance at Bamboo House Lounge, Sibu last night.



Joan (above) Junjie (below)

Among Asian nations, the Filippinos and Indonesians are the most gifted musicians and they are exported to neighbouring countires in the thousands. In Sarawak, the Filippino singers are more preferred because they are considered to be more professional.

Can't blame you...I know you cannot concentrate on the game.

These singers come in small groups of 4-5 people and usually female outnumbered male 3-1. The ladies are both singers and dancers while the men are usually playing their role behind the keyboard. Throughout the whole night they may only sing 1-2 songs.

Last night we had much fun taking photos of these very friendly and sweet people. Mostly they posed freely and sometimes they came out with interesting pose like this....

Oh, wrong position. The man should be pushing from behind.

But Junjie, you better behave.The ladies' big and powerful legs are lining up to punish you.

D'Life Line band will be stationed at Bamboo House Lounge at Premier Hotel for the next 3 months. Bamboo House Lounge has been in business for 30 years and it is now one of the only two lounges located in a hotel premises with nightly live performances. You can read more on this band at


sarawakiana said...

Philip your portrait photos are nice!!

Give me some tips!

You must give a workshop in Miri.

Anonymous said...

Did you hide any other nice photos from us?

Anonymous said...

SUITUAPUI: sexy! No wonder rain everyday!

-eiling- said...

wah..all the sexy poses. How did yoy manage to concentrate in taking those pictures?!! Lol...

Hardy said...

Sorry Brother,
I missed the 17/01 event. Quite busy that day with my OUM classes. Hope I can joint you in other event. Just let me know & I will try my best to come.

Philip said...

sarawakiana:Not at all. Hope we can have a photography outing together.

anonymous:Sure there are many other nice photos not for public viewing!

stp:haha, then better delete all the photos!

eiling:The simple rule is just click away,nonstop, because the camera will record all the scenes, then have a wonderful time viewing them on the computer screen!If you stop to watch, you will regret later that you have missed many nice photos.

hardy:Ok, will keep you informed of any nice upcoming events

Bengbeng said...

i would have loved to take these portrait shots. nowadays i seem to have a preference for portrait shots, have you noticed?