Monday, January 19, 2009

6-week food promotion at Premier

What's more appropriate to do than bringing family members and loved ones shopping and dinning during the festive season? The Sarawak House Shopping Complex in the centre of Sibu town is organizing several promotional events to cater for the expected higher influx of regular patrons and customers during the Chinese new year period. The popular Premier Departmental Store and Premier Hotel are located at this complex which is the oldest modern shopping,entertainment cum hotel complex in Sarawak.The above picture shows Mr. Tony Hii (left) GM for Premier Hotel and Master Chef, Mr. Tang Chun Kwong at a press conference last Saturday morning to introduce a series of food promotion at Cafe Pamelia and Bamboo House Lounge. Cafe Pamelia is situated on the ground floor next to the hotel's lobby while Bamboo House Lounge is on the 1st floor.

Chef Tang has been serving the Premier Hotel for more than 10 years. He is well known for his culinary skills and being able to come up with endless different dishes, be it local, oriental or western.

Reporters from various local dailies and Bloggers were invited to attend the press conference and later to sample the new dishes. It could be the first time for a local corporate leader in the hospitality industry to invite Bloggers to their press conference.But it was very unfortunate that several prominent Bloggers could not make it to the event due to other commitments. At the press conference Tony also introduced the hotel's latest live band, D' Life Line to the press.

While you listen to the music and songs performed by D' Life Line band, you can also enjoy this Steak & Beer at just RM49.50++. This dish includes 150g of succuient sirloin with generous portions of oriental choy suey, salad greens,corn on the cob , french fries and 2 tins of complimentary cold beer, your preference of Tiger or Heineken. This promotion starts from January 16 until February 28. The Bamboo House Lounge opens daily from 6pm to 12.30am.

The Cafe Pamelia introduces a very interesting series of claypot dishes. You will certainly love the fresh ingredients of seafood and vegetables cook together with the right portion of spices and herbs.The best deal is the prices are very reasonable,big portion of food for every dish and you can dine very cozily in a place with the ambience of a 4-star hotel coffee house.

There are also promotions for beverages, desserts and cakes. For ladies, you are the more lucky and priviledged people. Ladies Night entitles you to unlimited free flow of selected house-pouring brand liquors and soft drinks. However terms and conditions apply. ( call Premier Hotel:084-323222 to find out more) And that's not all. On normal days there is Early Chic offer of RM10nett per lady. Late chics do not feel desperated.On every Friday from 9pm to 1.45am, you are entitled to Late Chic offer of RM15nett per lady.

For hotel guests of the 145-room Premier Hotel, you enjoy a 15% discount on all drinks taken at Bamboo House Lounge. All you need is to charge your lounge bill to your room account.This offer is only for hotel guests who patronize Bamboo House Lounge.
There are so many promotions that I almost forget to mention the "Seafood Galore" at Bamboo House Lounge. Also from January 16-February 28, Bamboo House Lounge is offering 10 different kinds of seafood at very competitive prices.You have a choice of these...Crab, king Prawn,Banana Prawn,Lobster,Clam,Sea Snail,Stingray,Sole,Black Promfret and Cutterfish.
And finally, if you decide not to cook on Chinese New Year eve, you can come to Cafe Pamelia for the Reunion Buffet Dinner at RM 52nett per adult and RM35 nett per child between 4-12 years old. Call 084-323222 extension 7 or visit their website at


mama belian n cengal said...
everything looks yummy there..

sarawakiana said...

Please pray that the roads to Sibu are safe and more people will be able drive to Premier Hotel!!

Fantastic advertisement - absolutely tempting!

Looks like the Hii's are doing a fine job here! :) :)

Anonymous said...

Then talking about the band. Why not inviting eiling to come and play piano at Premier? [am I kidding?]

-eiling- said...

I am interested in the "free flow" on ladies night! Hope I can have a chance to drop by one day.

victor said...

thanks for inviting me Philip!

Philip said...

mama: yes, they not only look good, taste good too. Come and try

sarawakiana:hope rain will stop completely so that more people will come out shopping and dinning.

anon:I think eiling is not playing piano, Gu Cheng instead.

eiling: wheather ladies night or not, you will enjoy free flow when you come here.

victor: you are always welcome. Not my invitation though, I only convey the message from Tony

Yan said...


30 years ago, I used to patron Bamboo House with my gang of girl friends (or classmates rather). We were then of course poor students. But we managed to save some to have the feel of it. I remember well that there was this ice cream served called "merry widow". Wonder why it bore that name. We were happy singles then, and did really like that "merry widow" :) Now? Ahem...hush, hush!

Philip said...

yan: you were lucky and already so rich 30 years ago.During those school days I only went to "Lak Kian Tan", where the present Central market is, to drink "Jian Lok" and sometimes eat "Yu Hu Eng Chai". Completely no ideal about that "merry widow"

Anonymous said...

Philip, during your time (long long time ago), was there 'kompian tan' in half-way of Tiong Hua Road?

Philip said...

anon:yes, that Tiong Hua Road Kompian tan has been there for more than 30 years.

ahlost said...

Wahhh.. so nice !! Bloggers were invited for food tasting wor.. *envy betol*