Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sibu & Sarikei Bloggers' Meet

Bongkersz (working in Miri) and Willchua (working in Sibu) were originally from Sarikei while James was from Miri. This year James and his family are celebrating CNY here with his parents-in-law.
In less than 12 hours, we will be welcoming the year of the Ox. I wish all Chinese readers and friends a very blessed , happy and healthy new year and may the year of the Ox also be an eventful, successful and "moneyful" year for all of you.

Monday, January 19, 2009

6-week food promotion at Premier

What's more appropriate to do than bringing family members and loved ones shopping and dinning during the festive season? The Sarawak House Shopping Complex in the centre of Sibu town is organizing several promotional events to cater for the expected higher influx of regular patrons and customers during the Chinese new year period. The popular Premier Departmental Store and Premier Hotel are located at this complex which is the oldest modern shopping,entertainment cum hotel complex in Sarawak.The above picture shows Mr. Tony Hii (left) GM for Premier Hotel and Master Chef, Mr. Tang Chun Kwong at a press conference last Saturday morning to introduce a series of food promotion at Cafe Pamelia and Bamboo House Lounge. Cafe Pamelia is situated on the ground floor next to the hotel's lobby while Bamboo House Lounge is on the 1st floor.

Chef Tang has been serving the Premier Hotel for more than 10 years. He is well known for his culinary skills and being able to come up with endless different dishes, be it local, oriental or western.

Reporters from various local dailies and Bloggers were invited to attend the press conference and later to sample the new dishes. It could be the first time for a local corporate leader in the hospitality industry to invite Bloggers to their press conference.But it was very unfortunate that several prominent Bloggers could not make it to the event due to other commitments. At the press conference Tony also introduced the hotel's latest live band, D' Life Line to the press.

While you listen to the music and songs performed by D' Life Line band, you can also enjoy this Steak & Beer at just RM49.50++. This dish includes 150g of succuient sirloin with generous portions of oriental choy suey, salad greens,corn on the cob , french fries and 2 tins of complimentary cold beer, your preference of Tiger or Heineken. This promotion starts from January 16 until February 28. The Bamboo House Lounge opens daily from 6pm to 12.30am.

The Cafe Pamelia introduces a very interesting series of claypot dishes. You will certainly love the fresh ingredients of seafood and vegetables cook together with the right portion of spices and herbs.The best deal is the prices are very reasonable,big portion of food for every dish and you can dine very cozily in a place with the ambience of a 4-star hotel coffee house.

There are also promotions for beverages, desserts and cakes. For ladies, you are the more lucky and priviledged people. Ladies Night entitles you to unlimited free flow of selected house-pouring brand liquors and soft drinks. However terms and conditions apply. ( call Premier Hotel:084-323222 to find out more) And that's not all. On normal days there is Early Chic offer of RM10nett per lady. Late chics do not feel desperated.On every Friday from 9pm to 1.45am, you are entitled to Late Chic offer of RM15nett per lady.

For hotel guests of the 145-room Premier Hotel, you enjoy a 15% discount on all drinks taken at Bamboo House Lounge. All you need is to charge your lounge bill to your room account.This offer is only for hotel guests who patronize Bamboo House Lounge.
There are so many promotions that I almost forget to mention the "Seafood Galore" at Bamboo House Lounge. Also from January 16-February 28, Bamboo House Lounge is offering 10 different kinds of seafood at very competitive prices.You have a choice of these...Crab, king Prawn,Banana Prawn,Lobster,Clam,Sea Snail,Stingray,Sole,Black Promfret and Cutterfish.
And finally, if you decide not to cook on Chinese New Year eve, you can come to Cafe Pamelia for the Reunion Buffet Dinner at RM 52nett per adult and RM35 nett per child between 4-12 years old. Call 084-323222 extension 7 or visit their website at

Friday, January 16, 2009

D'LIFE LINE @ Bamboo House Lounge

The 4-member D' Life Line band from Cebu presenting its debut performance at Bamboo House Lounge, Sibu last night.



Joan (above) Junjie (below)

Among Asian nations, the Filippinos and Indonesians are the most gifted musicians and they are exported to neighbouring countires in the thousands. In Sarawak, the Filippino singers are more preferred because they are considered to be more professional.

Can't blame you...I know you cannot concentrate on the game.

These singers come in small groups of 4-5 people and usually female outnumbered male 3-1. The ladies are both singers and dancers while the men are usually playing their role behind the keyboard. Throughout the whole night they may only sing 1-2 songs.

Last night we had much fun taking photos of these very friendly and sweet people. Mostly they posed freely and sometimes they came out with interesting pose like this....

Oh, wrong position. The man should be pushing from behind.

But Junjie, you better behave.The ladies' big and powerful legs are lining up to punish you.

D'Life Line band will be stationed at Bamboo House Lounge at Premier Hotel for the next 3 months. Bamboo House Lounge has been in business for 30 years and it is now one of the only two lounges located in a hotel premises with nightly live performances. You can read more on this band at

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Double Chin

Some people say if you have double chin, or when you are starting to have double chin, it is a sign of good fortune. A sign on the face telling yourself and others that you have acquired wealth and prosperity.The guy above is a friend who operates a coffee shop. I certainly believe he has made a fortune from years of hard work and very good business every day. But is the extra chin what he really wants on the face? Is his trademark smile as he greets customers also indicating he is a happy man with a double chin?

This lady has an even more prominent double chin. In the course of half an hour of observing and shooting her discreetly selling ice cream, I never saw her smile. I don't believe fat people don't smile. I believe she is always feeling her life is pretty doomed with a heavy body and an ugly double chin. I couldn't be wrong because you can't tell me which woman doesn't want a slim and shapy body.

When I took these pictures sometime ago it never came across my mind to blog about double chin. Some how just now my instincts told me to do a post on why people have double chin and how to avoid or lessen it. So my intention is noble, I do not mean to ridicule or hurt people with double chin.

Here are some advices and tips for people who may need them. Double chins tend to come with growing older but they are not inevitable and they are capable of being reduced without surgery. The main causes leading to the formation of double chins could be: (A) Genetic tendency (B) Lack of exercise (C) Caloric intake

(1) The best and most effective means of getting rid of a double chin is control what you eat.Science has proven that processing calories is what ages our bodies the most. So the fewer calories our bodies have to process, the less fat we will find on our faces. You have to strictly monitor and regulate your own caloric intake every day. Things to avoid are beer, soft drinks,snack bars and take out meals.

(2) Regular exercise will keep your whole body well-toned and trim. Exercise can be as simple as daily walks or as complicated as gym sessions. As long as you are active and stretching your muscles, you will tone your body and help prevent the build up of fat deposits, including in your chin area. If you have a genetic tendency toward a double chin, then you have even more reason to exercise and eat healthily to avoid getting a double chin or to reduce one you may already have.

(3) Lose weight. A double chin due to excessive weight is a good indicator that you start to change your lifestyle diet. Your diet should include plenty of fiber,vegetables, fruits and water.

(4) Do chin and neck specific exercises. A lot of people have tight necks due to stress, bad posture and lots of computing work.Tilt your head from side to side as far as your head will go and tilt it forward and back as far as it will go. Do not spend too many hours slumped over the computer everyday.

(5) Do not wear dangly earrings and short necklaces as they will accentuate the chin.

(6) Do not wear turtleneck sweaters or high collars.

(7) Do not tan too much as the sun helps to break down the skin's elasticity earlier than the normal process of aging.

So after reading the above, do you still believe having a double chin is a sign of good fortune?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Never ending flood

More than 60 hours of continuous rain has caused serious flooding again in many parts of low lying Sibu. Heavy rain started at around 6 am on Saturday morning and it poured without interruption for 2 1/2 days until around noon, Monday.One of the most seriously affected areas is the Ulu Sungai Merah which is about 3Km from Sibu Town. YB Vincent Goh,(above) Council Negeri member for Pahlawan was seen at Ulu Sungai Merah this afternoon to visit the affected residents and provide them some necessary assistance.

A stretch of about 2 km of Ulu Sungai Merah Road is submerged under 1-3 feet deep of water, rendering it inaccessible to motorcycles and small vehicles. Several big lorries from Sibu Municipal Council (SMC), Nice Construction (a local developer), and a few long boats and speed boats are at the scenes to transport people and motorcycles to higher ground.

The flood has forced the closure of a secondary school and a primary school in this area.The surrounding areas of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sungai Merah (above) are totally under water while parts of the school compound are also affected.

Two rows of shophouses next to the school are also badly affected and they too are closed for business.

The entrance to the school is 1 1/2 feet deep. The school's bus stand (below) is 2 feet under water.

Not far from Ulu Sungai Merah at Kampong Bahagia, the flood is 5 feet at the deepest. A small road and bridge leading to this bungalow (above) have been partially washed away by the strong current.

The Malay owner of the above house at Kampong Bahagia said water started rushing into his house like waves on Sunday morning .He had no time to move the belongings to the upper floor. He said it was the first time the house was under more than 2 feet of water. " There is no development in this area. The YB never come here after the election" he complained angrily.

This house at the junction of Ulu Sungai Merah Road Lane 14 is about 2 1/2 feet under water. The women (above)waded home in almost waist-deep water after sending off her two daughters to work." There is no sign the water is going to subside. We fear it will rise higher if it continues to rain" she lamented.

I overheard this pair of sisters saying: "Chinese new year is coming, we have bought new shoes and dresses. How are we going to wear them if the flood doesn't go away?" To the young people their worry is so simple and straight forward.But to many of us we who have gone through so much hardship and trouble with the frequent floods,we now actually hate ourselves for still staying behind in this flood-prone town. We hate ourselves for electing, term after term, the Ministers and YBs who have done nothing or not doing enough for the people.

It is forecasted that it will rain for 3 days during Chinese New Year.If it does, then many of us have to go visiting relatives and friends in rubber dinghy like the one above. It will be fun, but you certainly can't wear your new shoes.

A little girl is helped to the boat by a volunteer of the Sibu Emergency Rescue Team. The team provides free service for the affected residents.

Fearing the worst is yet to come, many residents start buying more food and other necessities from the town.

Although free transport is being provided, the Iban man (below) still enjoys brisk business ferrying people using his long boat. He charges RM2 per person and RM5 per motorcycle. A friend who knows him well says he makes several hundred ringgit a day.

It is literally the car and the boat riding side by side.

The big lorry can carry more people and they are very stable too. But the hassle is to climb up and down using the wooden ladder. Thanks to the many generous and helpful residents who are always ready to provide a helping hand to the needy and desperate.

Can any body tell me when can Sibu be free from flooding? Some politicians will argue that flooding is a natural disaster. You may be right some times, but not all the time. This present flood is definately not a natural disaster. I notice the water level at the Rajang River is not very high these few days. I dare say the very poor drainage system at the affected areas is the major cause for the flood.