Friday, December 5, 2008

Sarikei Pineaple Festival

Sarikei, which is about an hour drive from Sibu, is famous for its pineapples and swiftlets. The town's symbol is a large pineapple erected near the wharf to welcome visitors.The annual Sarikei Pineapple Festival is on again and I went there this morning together with Steve Ling ( and Beng Beng. ( In Sarikei, we also met up with William ( who guided us around. The festival is one of the government efforts to promote tourism and the agricultural products in Sarikei.

While touring the exhibition booths, I bumped into this pretty lass, Ming Gion (MG) from RTM Sibu. I first met MG when she just joined RTM about 3 years ago as the Chinese Section Newscaster/Announcer. She has certainly grown more pretty and more confident. MG willingly posed for us when I requested for a photo session. I think she would be the best spokesperson for this tourism campaign.When I asked for permission to post her pictures in this blog she very humbly replied that she would be most happy if her pictures would not do any damage to this blog. What a statement!

Sarikei's pineapples are reputed for being very sweet and crispy. The majority of them are planted on the low lying land at Bukit Huang which is a village across the river opposite the town.These pinapples are sold throughout the year to all major towns in Sarawak and also to Brunei. December however is not the peak season for pineapple. Now a kilo costs RM3-4 and a big pineapple would cost more than RM10 as compare to half the price during the peak season.

The pineapple festival is also the time for the fruit competition.These pictures show winners for the various types of local fruits.Not only the size, but the quality also matters a lot in these competitions which attract participation from farmers thoughout the state.

Apart from the fruits,this exhibition booth particularly caught my attention.It belongs to the Sarawak Branch of Malaysian Rubber Board.Seen here in the boxes are different grades/types of rubber seed.Yes rubber seeds.....the name of this blog! If you have read my first posting, you would know why it is called rubberseeds. If you haven't , go back to read it now!.


Bengbeng said...

hi :) yr link to my blog is not working. an extra 'w' haha

Philip said...

bengbeng: Thanks for informing me about the extra "w". You are faster than me in posting the story on the pineapple festival.Hope you did enjoy the outing.

Yan said...

Have never been to the Pineapple Festival before! Should make it one day. Looks interesting. I remember my days in Sarikei where there were many exhibitions of agricultural products. Those were the days!

Thanks, Philip, for sharing.

-eiling- said...

wow, what an interesting fruit competition. They should have it in KL too! I love pineapples especially those sweet and juicy ones!

Philip said...

yan: You should go and see. It's so easy and fast now to drive from Sibu to Sarikei...don't have to wait for ferry crossing again at Neylong as the bridge has been completed.

eiling:Are you sure they don't have it in KL? You should come here to sample all the fruits and food.Or may be I can bring you some next time.

willchua said...

Nice meeting you and Steve in Sarikei.