Friday, December 19, 2008

Blow All You Can

Blow with all your might...the big mouthful of air can send the dart to accurately hit a target 100 feet away.

Competitors must be very concentrated and hold the blowpipes very firmly.In this competition, the distance is 70 feet.

The dart board is placed at eye level. Each participant is allowed to shoot 10 darts in a round and hitting the black spot in the centre scores the highest point.

The dart container is usually beautifully decorated with the traditional ethnic designs and brass or copper ornaments. The above white container is made of a plastic pipe while the container in the picture below is made from bamboo.

In the olden days the indigenous peoples of Borneo used blowpipes in tribal warfare and also in hunting animals for food.Enemies and animals were killed by poisioned darts which could travel straight for more than 40 meters at a speed of 180km/h. Blowpipe dart is very light and as it travels at high velocity, hitting a target is almost certainly assured. Hunting with blowpipe has another advantage of the nearly soundless shooting. The blowpipe is usually made of hardwood, especially from the wood of Belian tree which is also called Borneo Ironwood. A 2-meter long blowpipe could take up to more than a month to construct. At the present days blowpipes are collectors' item and occassionally also used in blowpipe shooting competition as the pictures above explain.


sarawakiana said...

Very unique and interesting post indeed.

Can you blog about parang making? How parang is made from a home made fire and blower to its finished product (with wood carvings,etc) That would be a worthy thing for readers.

thanks. Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

Philip said...

Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas and a very happy new year. I do not have a complete set of photos on parang making yet. Do you know where to find the best parang makers in Sarawak?