Saturday, November 29, 2008

Smallest House In The World

What else do we have to complain for if we were to compare with this man? I spotted him at the open space beside the Sibu Central Market recently. The old man probably is a new comer to the Sibu's hardcore poor as I never see him before in the streets.He is thin, dark, but looks healthy physically and mentally. Initially I wanted to approach him to find out why he is in such a pitiful situation. However as my reporter friend , Steve Ling was together with me at that time, I let him do all the investigations.Steve already has the story in his blog. ( According to Steve, the man is from a village across the river and he still works as a wharf labourer during the day time. At night he sleeps inside the small mobile wooden box on the 5-foot way or inside the central market. He cooks, eats and sleeps...all in this 2' x 3' wooden box. For god's sake, whoever is his son or daughter or relative, please take him home or find a decent place for him to live like a human. Do not continue to bring disgrace to your family, the community and the whole mankind.


suituapui said...

You should take a photo of Lee Long's house and see the stark contrast. LOL!!!

sarawakiana said...

Good title..smallest house...

Shall we make some noise and get him into the Malaysian Book of Records?

Good of you to blog about him.

p/s I used one of your photos. Thanks

Philip said...

stp:Oh,that is a big big difference.I remember there is a saying like this: It's better to be a rich man's dog than remaining poor forever.Another saying goes like this:A rich man never finishes building his house and a poor man never completes building his house. (because the rich man keeps extending and renovating his house while the poor man cannot complete his house because he never has sucfficient money to build his house)

Sarawakiana:Good suggestion.May be we should also raise some money for him? Did you use my photo or Steve's photo?

sarawakiana said...

I used Steve's photo of the half oil drum bbq set. He must have used his special camera too.

Can I use your photo too...What is his background? Education? Family members?

Topic is really worth following up.


mama belian n cengal said...

this is just like the story reported in the news where the parents of high ranking gov office were found begging... pity them..

Bengbeng said...

this is terrible. isnt there any body who cares for him. h is still physically fit,. what will happen yrs down the road?

cutie said...

Maybe what we see is not what it is? Maybe he likes gambling til caught in this situation?

Whatever it is... I never what my parents to be in such situation... never!

p/s: you are a wise man with plenty of wisdom.

abana said...

This is what I called a really Low- cost house.Agree? Moreover it's very mobile too.

Philip said...

sarawakiana:Steve was using a fisheye to take the photo of the half drum. Sure you can always use my photos. How Sing just evaded answering our questions whenever we touched on his background and family.We will find out more.

mama:To some people may be begging is a way of life, a source of income.

bengbeng: exactely...I am wondering WHY?

Cutie: My reporter friend will be digging into the story and also gathering information and pictures of other people in Sibu who are suffering the same fate.
Ya, whatever it is, we should not let our parents become such victims.

abana:It is, but who wants to live in such situation? Not me and definately not you too.

the donG said...

that's a nice point. we need to appreciate what we have and help others too.