Monday, November 10, 2008

Sexual facts about chimpanzees

At first I was puzzled on what is this sexual skin until I saw the back of this female chimp.

The exposed position of the pussy right at the back means that she is sitting on her pussy whenever she is seated.

Do you sleep or rest like he does? He really knows how to enjoy!

Resting in an artificial nest..or rather sitting on her pussy in the artificial nest.

Loving couple...chimps know how to hug and kiss like human.

A nice portrait in pensive mood.Why look so worried?..... you do not need to work and earn money like us poor humans. The only reason you worry about perhaps is how to improve your sexual performance...from just 9 thrusts to 900 thrusts and from 5 seconds to 50 seconds.

Does it hurt when you sit on a hard object like a log? And do you scare germs will infect your already swollen pussy?

A notice board at Zoo Negara, Kuala Lumpur, mentions that about 98% of human and chimpanzee DNA is identical.This very intelligent animal is closet to people genetically. Genetic studies show that chimpanzee and human share a common ancestor.Chimpanzee has in many ways act and behave like us, including throwing objects and using tools to defend themselves or scare away intruders. An hour of observation on the 3 captivated chimpanzees at Zoo Negara allows me to photograph many interesting photos as shown above.
Another notice board says that " The fully swollen and bright pink sexual skin on the female indicates that it is ready to mate". I had come at the right time as the only female among them has her large ugly pussy swollen and turning pink.I was anticipating a chance of a lifetime seeing two chimpanzees performing sexual acts like human. But it was a disappointing wait under the hot sun as there wasn't any x-rated show although the more aggressive (or is it more horny) male was always seen following the female and at times started smelling ( also look like licking) and porking her pussy. She remained cool and was sitting on her pussy most of the time.Yes, female chimpanzees are actually sitting on their pussies whenever they are seated as they are located not in between the legs but right at the back. This lead me to think that they can only do doggie style, unless the zoo people has taught them with the styles and techniques that usually appear in the blue video.
A search in Google on sexual behaviours of the chimpanzees produce three interesting facts.
(1) Penile length of adult male chimpanzees vary from 10-18cm during full erection.
(2) Vaginal depth of matured female ranges from 9.8-16.5 cm and when the sexual skin is maximally swollen, the depth increases up to 52% to 15-20 cm.
(3) The male chimpanzees normally ejaculate after 9 pelvic thrusts, lasting 5-10 seconds.
Chimpanzees are endangered animals due to their natural habitat being destroyed by humans. Their total population has dwindled from over one million to less than 200,000.They live in several countries in central and west Africa. The average life span of chimpanzees is about 60 years in capitivity and 40 years in the wild.


mama belian n cengal said...

u shud watch wild sex at Animal Planet/Nat Geo in Astro. Hmmm....long gone and came back with this story. I wonder why... he he he

Philip said...

mama: haha, seldom watch TV programmes now...not even the news!

cutie said...

Oh gosh! You sounded so horny while writing this post! Are you alright, phil?