Saturday, November 29, 2008

Punishment for an intruder

It looked like the two dogs were helping to free a fellow dog stuck in between the poles of a steel fence .But it wasn't. The black dog which was entangled in between the poles was an intruder. In its attempt to escape , it tried to force itself through the narrow gap between the poles. The attempt failed as the two fierce dogs quickly caught up and punished the intruder with severe bites. The painful cries and barkings of the dogs alerted the owners who came together to their rescue.The winners were locked up in the steel cage while the loser limped off with serious injuries on both hind legs.


nelson said...

go get veterinary for that pity doggy!

Philip said...

nelson:I saw him yesterday and he has been completed healed.

cutie said...

Poor dog. Why does the same kind chasing after each other? It's just like human, isn't it? It's the law of nature I guess that the stronger wins... but I hope we can live peacefully.