Monday, November 10, 2008

Graduation photography for University of Sunderland and University of Bolton

SEGi's main campus at kota Damansara. It was upgraded to University College status recently.

The impressive dome at the administrative block.

Modern student hostel with garden. I also stay in one of the rooms during the photography assignments.

Among the many recreational amenities is this beautiful swimming pool in the middle of the 10-acre campus.

The grand ball room at Hotel Nikko was quickly made ready for the graduation ceremony for Bolton University from midnight, October 31, immediately after a previous function had ended.

When I first inspected the Ball Room it was like this at 1.30 am on November 1.

More than 5 hours later at 7 am, 700 chairs and a stage had been neatly arranged.

Ms Pamela of SEGi giving instructions to graduates during the rehearsal. With 20 years of experiences,she is already an expert in organising the graduation ceremony and would always ensure the events are flawless.

The Bolton's grand party rising for the national anthems of Malaysia and Britian.

Vice Chancellor of The University of Bolton, UK, presenting awards to the graduates.

Apart from taking the stage photographs, we also took studio portraits for the graduates and their families.

The other graduation photography I was involved was for the University of Sunderland on October 25, 2008 at the Multi-purpose Hall (MPH) of SEGi's Main Campus at Kota Damansara (KD)

I arrived SEGi's Main Campus at KD on October 24 and the MPH was already ready for the next day's event.

Registration of students in progress.

Two of our student helpers manning the entrance to our mini studio (above). Jubilant graduates of The University of Sunderland and Bolton throwing their mortar boards in celebration (below) after the group photo sessions.
I was away for about 2 weeks in KL for the graduation photography for The University of Sunderland and The University of Bolton. The ceremony for Sunderland was held at the MPH of SEGi University College, KD, while for Bolton, it was held at Hotel Nikko, KL. More than 1,000 students were graduated from both universities in various disciplines, obtaining their Bachelor and Master degrees. SEGi is the local partner for both these UK universities.
The response to our mini studio packages was very encouraging. The last few days I was busy packing the photos and CDs and sending them off by courier through ABX. Surprisingly the service was excellent. I almost couldn't believe most of the photos have been received by the graduates on the second day. It was so comforting to receive "Thank You" messages through phone, smses and emails from the graduates and their parents after they received their photos. The majority of the graduates are from the Klang Valley, some from Perak, Pahang,Johor,Malacca, Penang,Kedah, Negeri Sembilan,Sabah and Sarawak. There are also overseas students from China, Middle East, Indonesia and Australia, and some of the graduates are currently working in Singapore.
I wish to express special thanks to the staff of SEGi University College, particularly Ms Pamela , Ms Christine and Ms Anni who gave all the assistance and support to make both photography assignments a smooth and successful one. Thank you Ms Pamela for your letter of appreciation which was emailed to me right after the ceremony.
And to all our student helpers, thank you very much for your hard work. I am very delighted to work together with Aaron Chiew( and Clara Tang ( who are both from Sibu and now studying in KL.
Thank you also to all readers and friends who called and smsed me during my absence from blogging. Apart from the busy work I had a wonderful time in KL shopping, meeting and dinning with friends. I also managed to take quite a lot of photos at Sunway Lagoon, Zoo Negara, KL Bird Park and the Petronas Twin Tower. I will upload here as many photos as possible this week before going off to Kuching next weekend to take up another SEGi's graduation photography assignment.


Bengbeng said...

ref: Bawang Assan trip- sure :)

suituapui said...

Next time, u go...I tag along can? I help carry ur bags. Ask Dato' pay my ticket and expenses. He so kaya, sure no problem one! LOL!!

Philip said...

Bengbeng:The tentative date is on December 13. Will keep you informed.

STP:Haha...good idea to have you assisting me.Hopefully we can team up next year.So did you meet Dato last month during the SHC dinner?

mama belian n cengal said...

no wonder u hilang for quite some time.... so u enjoyed ur trip there? yes for sure... he he he

-eiling- said...

wah the photos looked good and the hall is grand too. Good work!

Hardy said...

Bro.... I keep wondering mana you hilang. Normally you wouldn't leave you blog unattended.

Philip said...

mama:Just too lazy and also busy to blog while in KL. Haha, it is always work + holiday for me whenever I travel.

eiling: Both the halls at SEGi's main campus and Hotel Nikko are grand. Each can accommodate more than a thousand people. I am happy that my clients are satisfied with their photographs.

hardy:ya,it's bad to not updating my blog for such a long time.Now I am back so have to write more.

Aaron C. said...

I am happy that the clients are satisfied. Literally, pain in the ass from moving the chair in and out. While some were well, nagging. haha... But great experience. Thx for the invite. Nice pictures of the campus. Too bad I didn't manage to get some shots of the college. OH well.... Thanks again.

Tony Hii said...

Philip, you must have a splendid working trip to KL.

Philip said...

aaron:Since you have friends in SEGi KD now, I think you can go there any time to take photos.I am sure you are interested in their Roman designs. SEGi's Boss told me that he designed the whole complex.

tony: Yes, it was great and fun especially meeting so many new people...and some of the graduates were from Sibu too.

Bengbeng said...

wonderful pics u took at the zoo and oso the lion at sunway