Friday, November 28, 2008

Graduation photography for SEGi University College Sarawak

We were given a big room to set up our mini studio. Here were our 5 assistants....second from right is blogger friend, Clare Ng ( Thanks to all the 5 all were very hard working and capable.

The charming Assistant Minister,Datin Fatimah about to enter the graduation hall

Datin Fatimah delivering her speech during the ceremony

Graduates receiving their certificates from the Assistant Minister

The happy graduates throwing their mortar boards in celebration........

.................but this mortar board was too happy and excited. It refused to come down, instead it preferred to stay up there with the crystal lamp!

Datuk Putit Matzen, SEGi's Vice-president presenting a souvenir to Datin Fatimah.

Group photos of the graduates

This year is the first time I am assigned to do the graduation photography for SEGi University College Sarawak. The grand graduation ceremony was held at Hilton Kuching on November 23, 2008. The guest of honour for the event was Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister's Office, Datin Fatimah Abdullah. A total of 419 students graduated from their diploma,degree and master programmes.
Apart from congratulating the students for their successes, the Assistant Minister also took the opportunity to congratulate SEGi's CEO, Dato Clement Hii for being recently conferred the prestigious CEO Award in the ASEAN Education Management sector in recognition of his leadership qualities. Datin Fatimah said she was proud of Dato Clement Hii, a local Sarawak boy who made his way up the corporate ladder in a very short time and is currently CEO of 2 leading companies listed on the main board of KLSE.
During my week-long stay in Kuching I had the opportunity to have an evening of carefree chit-chatting with Dato Clement Hii,catching up with him on his latest business development, politics and of course not excluding "man's gossips".I also had an unexpected meeting with Hilton's Senior Sales Manager, Mr. Zulkanain Bin Hassan. Zul is a very keen and active photographer who personally requested to meet me and my photographer at Hilton's lobby. Our meeting lasted for more than an hour and we shared a lot of things on photography, travel etc.Thank you Zul, for the time you spent with us and of course also for the special room rate you gave us. Certainly I will be a loyal guest of Hilton Kuching from now onwards!


nelson said...

nice photos

Philip said...

nelson: Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The assistant minister is reported in the Chinese newspaper with a Chinese name. So what is the story behind her background? Is he a Chinese or a Malay?

Philip said...

anonymous:I understand that she has a Chinese father and a Melanau mother.She is the sister of Mr. William Ting of Seng Ling Group

Anonymous said...

is she married to Mr. Adi Badio Zaman and have 2 children (1 girl and 1 guy)
if yes...then she is a relative of me. cause her husband's family is a far family of me. once she came to Indonesia with her husband... she is so nice and kind.

Philip said...

Anon: Are you refering to the Assistant Minister? I think you are right.