Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fun with parriots

Took these pictures of strikingly colourful parriots at the KL Bird Park recently.The naughty birds were having fun with themselves and also with visitors.


sarawakiana said...

These are lovely pictures of parrots...good camera angles too!!
WishI have your skills.

The other day I saw a huge grass mower getting between several rows of egrets. The ground was flooded and there were reflections. But I had no camera with me at that time.

It was a wonderful scene.

abana said...

Those parrots photographs refresh my mind when we were there.Me too took many photos of the other birds.

-eiling- said...

Nice pictures. Haha..the man in the first pic looked scared.

Philip said...

sarawakiana: That would make a wonderful picture, especially with the reflections on the water. But you need a telephoto lens to shoot it. Thanks for your kind words.

abana:We had limited time, otherwise we could shoot more and cover other places as well.

eiling: Ya, he looked scared....probably worried that it would shit on his head!

Bengbeng said...

i would b afraid the birds would bless me with their droppings :)