Sunday, November 30, 2008

Farewell To A Giant Tree

The above 3 pictures are now history with the falling down of this giant rain tree on the early morning of November 26.The century old tree stood about 30 meters from the Sibu mosque for over a hundred years according to residents living nearby.A photograper friend,Abana, who just lives across the mosque recalled that he heard some loud sound at about 3 am. He was certain that there was no lightning so the theory that the tree was struck by lightning was ruled out.I went to check and took photos of the tree this morning and I am convinced that the tree had succumbed to old age.

The tree was literally split into half. A closer examination of the tree trunk revealed that the majority of it is dead wood. Presumably much of the roots have also rotten. The defective tree trunk and roots certainly could not carry the whole weight of the tree which has widespread branches in all directions.

A closeup photo shows that the tree bark and the sap wood underneath it is still fresh. That means the survival of the whole tree had depended entirely on the bark and sap wood as the rest of the wood is dead long ago.

Half of the tree was up rooted . We can see that the roots are mostly dead and rotten.

It was a pitiful sight as I stood at this angle to take these photos.When the giant tree was alive and standing tall before the mosque, it provided a beautiful and outstanding foreground. Now only the skeleton remains. Very soon even the skeleton will be totally removed. The land will be bare, the mosque will forever lost a loyal friend and a companion which had stood by him, rain or shine, for so many years.

I consider you as a friend too because you never fail me. Whenever I came to take photos of you, you always shadowed me from the sun and rain. Now you are gone....I don't think I would like to come back to this sad place again.

Farewell to a giant tree...........

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Smallest House In The World

What else do we have to complain for if we were to compare with this man? I spotted him at the open space beside the Sibu Central Market recently. The old man probably is a new comer to the Sibu's hardcore poor as I never see him before in the streets.He is thin, dark, but looks healthy physically and mentally. Initially I wanted to approach him to find out why he is in such a pitiful situation. However as my reporter friend , Steve Ling was together with me at that time, I let him do all the investigations.Steve already has the story in his blog. ( According to Steve, the man is from a village across the river and he still works as a wharf labourer during the day time. At night he sleeps inside the small mobile wooden box on the 5-foot way or inside the central market. He cooks, eats and sleeps...all in this 2' x 3' wooden box. For god's sake, whoever is his son or daughter or relative, please take him home or find a decent place for him to live like a human. Do not continue to bring disgrace to your family, the community and the whole mankind.

Punishment for an intruder

It looked like the two dogs were helping to free a fellow dog stuck in between the poles of a steel fence .But it wasn't. The black dog which was entangled in between the poles was an intruder. In its attempt to escape , it tried to force itself through the narrow gap between the poles. The attempt failed as the two fierce dogs quickly caught up and punished the intruder with severe bites. The painful cries and barkings of the dogs alerted the owners who came together to their rescue.The winners were locked up in the steel cage while the loser limped off with serious injuries on both hind legs.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Graduation photography for SEGi University College Sarawak

We were given a big room to set up our mini studio. Here were our 5 assistants....second from right is blogger friend, Clare Ng ( Thanks to all the 5 all were very hard working and capable.

The charming Assistant Minister,Datin Fatimah about to enter the graduation hall

Datin Fatimah delivering her speech during the ceremony

Graduates receiving their certificates from the Assistant Minister

The happy graduates throwing their mortar boards in celebration........

.................but this mortar board was too happy and excited. It refused to come down, instead it preferred to stay up there with the crystal lamp!

Datuk Putit Matzen, SEGi's Vice-president presenting a souvenir to Datin Fatimah.

Group photos of the graduates

This year is the first time I am assigned to do the graduation photography for SEGi University College Sarawak. The grand graduation ceremony was held at Hilton Kuching on November 23, 2008. The guest of honour for the event was Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister's Office, Datin Fatimah Abdullah. A total of 419 students graduated from their diploma,degree and master programmes.
Apart from congratulating the students for their successes, the Assistant Minister also took the opportunity to congratulate SEGi's CEO, Dato Clement Hii for being recently conferred the prestigious CEO Award in the ASEAN Education Management sector in recognition of his leadership qualities. Datin Fatimah said she was proud of Dato Clement Hii, a local Sarawak boy who made his way up the corporate ladder in a very short time and is currently CEO of 2 leading companies listed on the main board of KLSE.
During my week-long stay in Kuching I had the opportunity to have an evening of carefree chit-chatting with Dato Clement Hii,catching up with him on his latest business development, politics and of course not excluding "man's gossips".I also had an unexpected meeting with Hilton's Senior Sales Manager, Mr. Zulkanain Bin Hassan. Zul is a very keen and active photographer who personally requested to meet me and my photographer at Hilton's lobby. Our meeting lasted for more than an hour and we shared a lot of things on photography, travel etc.Thank you Zul, for the time you spent with us and of course also for the special room rate you gave us. Certainly I will be a loyal guest of Hilton Kuching from now onwards!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fun with parriots

Took these pictures of strikingly colourful parriots at the KL Bird Park recently.The naughty birds were having fun with themselves and also with visitors.

Monday, November 17, 2008

United under PKR

3 persons who fought as independent candidate in the last general election joined PKR recently. They are from left, Ngu Tien Hai, Kung Ching Ching and Lau Khieng Chai. They got this photo opportunity with Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim recently in Sarikei. The 3 were previously from SUPP and DAP and they contested unsuccessfully in the Bintangor and Sarikei seats during the March general election. Ms Kung is now PKR's Sarikei Branch Chairman while Mr Ngu is the Secretary.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Getting close with DSAI

Malaysian Opposition Leader Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim (DSAI) made a brief visit to Sibu and Sarikei recently. He was here to announce and accept the joining of an independent state assemblyman, Mr. Gabriel Adit into his Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR). Mr. Adit of Ngemah near Sibu also brought along about 12,000 of his followers, the majority of whom are Ibans.I managed to get close to DSAI when he officially declared open the Sarikei Branch on November 16,2008.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shooting the lion at Sunway

I made acquaintance with some KL Photographers and we ended up here shooting the lion. One of them was using a D3 and most others were using D300 with ultra wide angle lenses.
I did not have a tripod and luckily still managed to capture some reasonable pictures of the sihouetted lion.

The eye-catching lion standing guard at the entrance has become a famous landmark. I felt I was some where in Egypt while shooting this scene.

The lighted lion photographed with different settings

This one (below) was taken before the sunset.

During my recent 2-week sojourn in KL, I stayed around the Sunway Pyramid area for 5 days just to make it convenient for me to take photos within the Sunway City. On one of the evenings I met a group of Nikonian (Photographers who use Nikon Cameras) and we ended up taking photos of the famous lion statue infront of the Sunway Pyramid. The abandoned light rail platform besides the entrance to the modern and very impressive shopping complex provided us a perfect point to take pictures of the statue of lion and the adjoining pyramid sihouetted against the colourful evening sky.Opened in 1997, Sunway Pyramid is the first themed shopping and entertainment mall in Malaysia boasting 4 million square feets of retail extravaganza. The Egyptian-inspired design of the RM550 million complex has recently won the prestigious Silver Award for Development and Design Category of the inaugural ICSC Asia Shoppoing Centre Award 2008 which was held in Macao recently.The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) is the global trade association of shopping centre industry and it was founded in 1957.