Sunday, October 12, 2008

20th Anniversary Party For Tiong & Lau

Cutting the 3-storey anniversary cake together

Filling up the glasses with champange

Oops...don't you think she was very nervous?...standing so unnaturally

The first kiss in 20 years....that is in front of 200 relatives and friends

The "white hair" among our friends is retired banker, Michael. He can eat and drink a lot, but never put on weight

Jennifer and Vivian posing for the camera. It's a night of fun for the pair of cousins to mingle with friends and having a big feast.
Tiong (with tie) is "beer container" among certainly no problem to yamseng with all the guests
Lau (second from right in back row) posing with classmates and friends.Can you identify who are the 4 sisters in the picture?

Tiong presenting a flower boutique to Lau while she led her lady staff singing a mandarin song for the guests

Guests performing and singing for the couple of the night

6-year old Brandon stole the night by voluntarily coming on stage to give a 20-minute non-stop disco dance. After the performance, so many of his big and small fans wanted to take photos with him.

The evergreen Pei Lei, who was champion in the Sarawak,Sabah and Brunei Chinese Song Competition belt out 3 songs for her classmate, Lau.

Tiong Hock Teck and Lau Sie Eng, active members of our get-together gang celebrated their 20th anniversary last night at the Empress Ballroom of Kingwood Hotel.About 200 close relatives and friends were invited to the fun-filled party.A very interesting home made video on the love story of the couple was released to the guests during the dinner. The couple also received congratulatory video clips and messages from well wishers as far away as Australia, China and England.Tiong is in petroleum business while his wife, Lau, is running a travel agency.


Aaron C. said...

Awww. I missed all the fun!! haha

suituapui said...

That white hair exercises everyday, goes jogging!!! That's whynever put on weight. LOL!!!

Philip said...

aaron: Sure you missed the fun. Most were familiar faces that night.We can go for some outings when you are back in December.

STP:Oh you know him? But some people jog and even run everyday still get big big tummy.

Aaron C. said...

HAHAHA.... THATS MY DAD!!! yea, too bad i don't have his genes.

-eiling- said...

wow so nice to see couples married for so many years and yet so loving. I'm sure it's a great dinner.

Philip said...

Eiling: It was a great party. Must admit that they are still a very loving couple.Not easy to maintain that kind of relationship.