Sunday, September 7, 2008

Spotted dove

This young spotted dove fell down from the mango tree behind my house.Luckily the two dogs were locked in the cage otherwise they would instantly tear the little bird into pieces.It must have been hurted during the fall because as I picked it up in my palm, it didn't struggle.I let it rest inside a box while going upstairs to get my camera.Bird photography is near impossible without the necessary telephoto lens and a lot of patience.It was a lucky weekend as this bird gave me an opportunity to take many close-up photos.A few hours later I released the bird,hopefully it would soon be reunited with its parents.


cc said...

I like the first photo. Must be hard to capture that! Young birds always make me all warm and fuzzy inside. :)

sarawakiana said...

What speed did you use apart from the tele lens?

Not easy to catch birds on camera.


Bengbeng said...

beautiful pic.

Hey buddy, thanks for the birthday wish :)

Hardy said...

I like the 1st pic.

rubberseeds said...

cc:If it was taken in the wild it must be difficult. But this photo was taken with ease, just had to wait until it opened the wings.

Sarawakiana:For picture (1)I used ISO 3200,speed was 125,aperture was4.5, focal length was 100mm. Picture (2) ISO was also 3200,speed was 80, aperture was 5.6,focal length at 190mm

Bengbeng:Hey, you also take very beautiful pictures now. Congratulations.

Suhardy:Your recent pictures are excellent,especially those taken in Kuching.

-eiling- said...

hey, very nice pictures especially the one where the bird is spreading its wings. You must have taken quite a number of shots to get these.

suituapui said...

I used to shoot them too.....down with catapults when I was a boy! So cruel hor!!!

rubberseeds said...

eiling: Out of a total of 26 shots, I got 10 of the little bird spreading its wings.Actually I am not satisfied with all the shots,but fearing it would die, I free him as soon as possible.

Stp:haha, naughty boy. I was the same as you. At one time I really killed two birds with one stone!

Hardy said...

Thank you.

-eiling- said... kind of you!