Monday, September 8, 2008

Jewel's Birthday Bash

Jewel is a lucky girl with a special name. On her 9th birthday last Saturday, her parents gave her a big surprise---a Hawaiian style birthday party.About 150 relatives and friends were invited to the party at the Island Club.

Naughty uncles teasing Jewel after she made her birthday wishes

Not one, but two Radio DJs (Hamzani of Cats Radio,Kuching and Ming Gion of RTM, Sibu) were there to handle the show

Sibu's very own Elvis entertaining the crowd

Jewel's good friend,Michelle singing her favourite Chinese song
The 5-member FIT Dancers never ceased to excite the crowd with their uninterrupted outstanding performances. The group has won state and national level dance competitions.

Jewel, dressed in Hawaiian hula hula fancy dress, dancing with her sisters and friends

Every body was happy and satisfied with the very well organized party which lasted for 4 hours until midnight. There were more than 15 kinds of food, most of them specially prepared by Jewel's parents. On top of the delicious food, there was free flow of beer and wine (more than 600 cans of beer were consumed!) and lots of presents were given away to the guests.


cc said...

What a celebration! She IS one very lucky girl. :D

-eiling- said...

children are so lucky nowadays. I've never even had a birthday party at McDonalds.

rubberseeds said...

cc:Yes, she is a lucky girl.Several thousand dollars was spent on her party.

eiling:No body celebrate birthday with you? Hard to believe le.