Thursday, August 7, 2008

Worsening haze

The two pictures taken at 16.11pm and 16.16pm could show you how bad the haze was today. The whole afternoon the sun disappeared in thick haze. Visibility was less than 2 km, perhaps the most at 1.5 km. The smell of smoke was very evident every where. At 4 pm it was so dark that it looked like it was already 6.30 pm or 7 pm on normal days. If there is no rain for the next few days, the condition will certainly get worse and that will cause many flight delay and cancellation and force many schools to close down temporary. It is indeed very alarming to see the situation deteriorates at such speed.


suituapui said...

It's ok now after the rain this evening. Earlier when I stepped out of the house, I could smell the smoke and feel the sting in my eyes!!! Hope there'll be more rain!

Tony Hii said...

rubberseeds, the Air Pollutant Index in Sibu is a cause for concern. All open burning should be stopped!

-eiling- said...

If we are hosting the Olympics, sure die!

Yan said...

I escaped the haze yesterday as I was outstation. This morning, it rained. My daughter asked whether that was acid rain. So, that was the reason she asked!

mama belian n cengal said...

blog hopping and found this nice blog.. great photos!!

rubberseeds said...

stp:We are lucky, heavy rain and strong wind had chased away the haze.

Tony:I don't think we can totally stop open burning, no matter large or small scale.

eiling: haha Olympics in Malaysia? How about Asian games first?

yan: You mean there was no haze besides Sibu that day?

mama: Hi, welcome to my blog. So happy that you like it.