Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sarawak Regatta 2008 in pictures

Tens of thousands of people,including many foreign tourists, thronged the Kuching Waterfront to witness the annual Sarawak Regatta 2008, from August 1-3

Cultural groups preparing for the grand official opening of the Sarawak Regatta on August 2

This big wooden oar with ethnic designs and a Sarawak flag in the middle was the official "tool" for the opening ceremony

A flotilla of boats proceeding to the grand stand where the VIPs had assembled during the official opening ceremony

The sampan (river taxis) were also part of the flotilla

Many police and marine patrol boats were on duty to control the traffic and ensure safety

A side event of the regatta this year was "Catching ducks in Sarawak River". Dozens of ducks were released into the river and participants jumped into the water to catch them.

Another side event was kayaking

And jet skiing, both for racing and performances were also part of the event

Another picture of the colourful river procession

This year a total of 6,314 people from 326 teams participated in the Sarawak Regatta to compete in 17 boat racing events. Some RM600,000 was spent on the 3-day event. Two more regatta will be held later this month, one is the famous Baram Regatta in Marudi, Miri, and the other one is in Kanowit, near Sibu.


-eiling- said...

I think the catching ducks event is really interesting... but what to do with the ducks after that? They get to keep them?

rubberseeds said...

haha, of course they keep the ducks and cook them! I find out that for one person to catch one duck is quite easy, but to catch two while you are still in the water is not an easy feat! You can try out!