Monday, August 18, 2008

Sape Music Festival, 2008

Sarawak Chief Minister, two deputy chief ministers and Malaysia's Deputy Tourism Minister were present at the launching of the Sape Music Festival at Marudi on August 16, 2008. Below are portraits taken over the weekend during the music festival.These colourful indigenous people include the Kayan,Kenyah,Penan,Saban,Iban,Kelabit and Berawan. The Baram region is the most ethnically diversified region of Sarawak.The Sape,which is also called Sarawak Guitar or Sarawak Boat Lute, is a musical instrument popular among the Orang Ulu of Borneo. It is made of medium hard wood and usually decorated with beautiful ethnic designs.


sarawakiana said...

Sharp and really great portraits...

Good camera? what speed? What lenses?

Didn't stop in Miri?

Do take pictures of kites in Bintulu.

rubberseeds said...

Sarawakiana: I am using Nikon D300 which is a good camera.The lenses for the portraits is 55-200mm.Just a very brief stop in Miri to have lunch then went up to Marudi by express boat.On the return journey, rushed to Bintulu to take photos of Borneo International Kite Festival, then drove home straight.Very limited time so didn't call you.