Sunday, August 10, 2008

Borneo Highlands Resort

Entrance to the flower gardens

A bungalow amidst dense foliage

International standard 18-hole golf course

This bungalow belongs to former Malaysian PM, Tun Mahathir Mohamad

Landscaped nature and flower gardens

One of the most favourite locations for kite lovers

An ideal place for all ages to retreat

The misty and mysterious tropical rainforsts in the early morning

One foot infront of this wooden fence is Kalimantan Indonesia

More comfortable coach on the mountain top

Upgrading of road in progress

Powerful 4WD lorry

Notice to guests to use BHR's transport

Entrance to BHR
The owner of Borneo Highlands Resort (BHR), Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew dubbed BHR as "The Little Switzerland Of Borneo". Tan Sri Lee also owns and manages The Palace Of The Golden Horses and the Mines Wonderland in Kuala Lumpur. If he dares to say that publicly, BHR is surely on its course to become the little Switerland of Borneo. 200 million ringgit had been spent for the past 13 years to develop BHR and Tan Sri Lee said investment would continue to come in. Currently RM16 million has been set aside to improve the road and power supply system.
Situated just 60 km from Kuching City, BHR is the first and only highland resort in Sarawak. Getting there is pretty easy as it takes less that an hour to drive from Kuching City to the foothill of the 1000-metre mountain where BHR is located.You however, need to make reservation and arrangement with BHR office in the city before proceeding.
Guests are advised to use the transport service offered by BHR from the foothill to the top. This is to ensure safety and also to minimise air and sound pollution to the resort. There is only one road leading to the mountain top and it is very steep all the way, certainly not advisible for city folks like us to risk our lives and damage the engines of our cars by driving up unfamiliar terriority. BHR is using the powerful 4WD lorry to transport the guests and the drivers are very experienced.
After about half an hour of ascend, the 4wd lorry reaches a small plateau and at this point guests are transferred to a more comfortable coach to be transported to each individual's destination. The middle section of the main road is currently under ungrading while the rest has been completed. The tense feelings from the nerve-racking journey is now replaced by the fresh and cooling air and the beautiful sceneries on the mountain top.You are finally in "The Switzerland Of Borneo"!
The preservation of nature is given priority in BHR. The best description for the resort is contained at the BHR's website ( "Cocooned in a lush jungle and snuggled within the hills, it is a retreat one of its kind,offering an exclusive membership club and truly unique residential development by creating a sanctuary for you to retreat to this region"
There are also beautifully landscaped nature and flower gardens,tea house, organic vegetable gardens,swan lake,herb gardens, watch tower and an 18-hole international standard golf course.
August is perhaps the most suitable time to visit the BHR. Each year BHR organizes a series of activities and events in the month of August. All these promotional activities and events are conceptualised to bring flowers and nature enthusiasts together so that they can discuss common interest and cultivate the love of nature.
If you intend to pay a visit to BHR, contact their Kuching office at Tel:082-577930/578930


-eiling- said...

very nice banner. the girl is so sweet!

cc said...

What a great place to spend some time away. I feel relaxed and at ease and just by looking at the photos. I like highlands.

cutie said...

Great place and great shots! It seems to inherit the british style of construction and it obviously looks mimic to the Cameron Highlands... but the only huge difference I can point out is that the place has yet to be developed massively and all the nature beauty are kept nicely. Can you bring me there some day? LOL

suituapui said...

Heard it's a nice place. Love the mist...looks so nice and cool. They said they only serve organic food there, true or not? Also said the road up not so good, kinda dangerous.

rubberseeds said...

eiling: Yes,so sweet and cute. Look at her dimple!

cc:I like highlands too. Any nice similiar resort in NZ?

cutie:Hope they will forever preserve the nature there.Shall we celebrate next birthday together there?

STP:They also serve non organic food. You can buy organic vegetables there too. The road up the mountain top is pretty good. Apart from the middle section which is now under upgrading, the rest is all tar-sealed.It is too steep for us to drive, better use their transport service.