Tuesday, August 19, 2008

1655 kites up in the sky at one time

Bintulu made history and broke into the Malaysia Book Of Records for "The Most Number of Kites Flying Simultaneously" last Sunday. A total of 1655 kites were flying in the sky over the old Bintulu airport last Sunday afternoon for more than half an hour.The event attracted thousands of people to witness the record breaking feat which was organized by the Bintulu Development Authority (BDA). The old record was 1,000 kites.BDA is also the organizer for the week-long 4th Borneo International Kite Festival which started on August 18. Beside local participation from all over Malaysia, 35 entries have also been received from countries like Indonesia,Australia,Japan,Singapore,Korea,New Zealand,Thailand,China,France,Philippines and India. The annual kite festival this year is also held in conjunction with BDA's 30th anniversary and Sarawak's 45th year of independence within Malaysia.


Yan said...

Commercialized. The third picture gave me some childhood memories of kite-flying days.

Did you fly kites while young? I did a lot of running around in my childhood days.... da, da, da, those were the days!

Anonymous said...

Gee! That;s one cool kite...the one in the first picture, and it can fly!!!

cc said...

What a magnificent sight, to see so many kites flying in the sky! :)

rubberseeds said...

yan:I did not only fly kites, but actually also made them in childhood days. Always competed with neighbours too on who would fly the highest.

stp: haha, they come in all shapes and sizes.That area has strong wind so I suppose anything not too heavy can fly!

cc: yeah...and a record was created for the number.

Yan said...

I made kites too! And what's that material that we put on the string to "cut" other people's strings?

Ha, ha, I am not only kay-poh, I was once upon a time - that naughty girl next door.