Saturday, August 30, 2008

Latest LV "Model"

Came across this latest LV "model" in Marudi, the remote interior of Malaysian Borneo. The manufacturer of this top brand hand bag must be happy that its product has even reached the indigenous people of Borneo.The "model" is heavily tattooed on both her hands and legs,she must be from the hill tribes of Kayan or kenyah. Can you tell if this is the genuine LV bag? There are lots of imitations, but many tribal people are also rich now,having their children working in government departments or in oil fields all over the world.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kanowit Power Boat Race

Some 30 power boats took part in a recent fiercely contested race held in kanowit in conjunction with the Kanowit Festival. There were teams from Brunei,Bintulu, Sibu,kapit and Kuching participating in this one-day event. Deputy Tourism Minister of Malaysia, Dato Sri Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Taib who was the guest of honour,flagged off the race at about 11 am.Assistant Minister of Rural Development, Datuk Gramong Juna,Kanowit Member of Parliament, Mr. Aaron Dagang and Sibu Acting Resident, Mr. Mohd Ismail Hanis were among the VIPs presented at the brief ceremony.Mc Events Management of Sibu was the organizer of the successful event which attracted thousands of spectators to this otherwise sleepy rural town.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Minister with a big camera

Cleaning the lenses.............


Posted by PicasaThe Deputy Tourism Minister of Malaysia certainly has great passion for photography. I met him three times in August, first during the Sarawak Regatta in Kuching in the beginning of the month, at the Baram Regatta in the middle of the month and yesterday at the Kanowit Regatta.Dato Sri Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Taib was seen in all three occassions shooting the regatta events with his Canon EOS 5D and a powerful telephoto lenses. Despite bad weather, he flew to the small town by helicopter and flagged off the power boat races after a speech. Stay tune for more photos of the boat race in upcoming posts.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Sape Of Sarawak

It requires 2-3 persons to carry a large Sape.Note the dragon head at the end of the neck.

A large Sape sitting in a longboat ready to go for a performance.

This could be the largest Sape in the world,made for display at the recent Baram Sape Festival

Description of the Sape in Bahasa Malaysia

Graceful feather dances always accompany the Sape music

A Sape troupe from the Baram area in Miri Division, Sarawak.

The Orang Ulu elders posing infront of the big Sape

A Kenyah warrior dancing to the tune of the Sape

It is only natural that you leap your feet to dance when the melodious Sape music is on.

Matthew Ngau is now one of the top Sape performers in Sarawak. He travels the world to promote Sarawak with his Sape.

Sape is always played in pairs

Alina, who is of mixed parentage of Kelabit and English is also a famed Sape player

Sape is the only musical instrument of the indigenous ethnic groups of Sarawak which still flourishes and has made its presence stronly felt both at home and internationally.It is carved from a tree trunk which is of medium hardness and the Meranti species are the favoured wood.The shape is elongated rectangular with a homogeneous neck extending from one end of the body. The top side of the long narrow body is usually decorated with carvings or painted motifs of the Kayan,kenyah and Penan groups.The back side of the body is always left open.The present day Sape usually has 4 wire strings running parallel from one end of the body to the end of the neck,much like the guitar.In the olden days when wire strings were not available, finely split rattan were used.Many sape are also decorated or attached with the head of the hornbill or dragon at the end of their necks, making them more splendid and appealing.The Sape is usually played in pairs and accompanied by a group of both male and female dancers adorned in their finest costumes. Sarawak has produced many talented and famed Sape players who are tourism ambassadors of the country, promoting the rich cultural and natural assets of the country to the world.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

1655 kites up in the sky at one time

Bintulu made history and broke into the Malaysia Book Of Records for "The Most Number of Kites Flying Simultaneously" last Sunday. A total of 1655 kites were flying in the sky over the old Bintulu airport last Sunday afternoon for more than half an hour.The event attracted thousands of people to witness the record breaking feat which was organized by the Bintulu Development Authority (BDA). The old record was 1,000 kites.BDA is also the organizer for the week-long 4th Borneo International Kite Festival which started on August 18. Beside local participation from all over Malaysia, 35 entries have also been received from countries like Indonesia,Australia,Japan,Singapore,Korea,New Zealand,Thailand,China,France,Philippines and India. The annual kite festival this year is also held in conjunction with BDA's 30th anniversary and Sarawak's 45th year of independence within Malaysia.

Baram Regatta,2008

Baram Regatta is the mother of all regattas in Sarawak. It first started in 1899 to end the old animosity between the warring tribes in the Baram region. Since then the event has been organized on regular basis to promote peace and harmony among the different races in Sarawak. In recent years it has also been turned into one of the major tourism events in the state. This year's regatta which was held between August 15-17,attracted more than 800 participants to compete in 48 events. The highlight of the event was the decorated traditional boats competition among the different races. The theme this year was "Culture,Unity,Heritage and Peace" .Teams from neighbouring Brunei also participated this year. An estimated 10,000 people watched the regatta together with VIPs like Govenor of Sarawak , Tun Abang Muhammad Salahuddin Barieng, Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud,Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr. George Chan, Tan Sri Alfred Jabu and Deputy Federal Minister of Tourism, Dato Sri Sulaiman Abdul Raham Taib.